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- Updated on 2012-10-02
VimLite is a C/C++ IDE.
VimLite consists mainly of the following three modules:
1.Project Manager:
The project management module is compatible with CodeLite 2.10. It will auto generates makefile for you.
2.Code Completion:
An enhanced OmniCpp and a VIMCCC plugin.
OmniCpp support the following completion: namespace, structure, class member, using, using namespace, class template, stl, etc.
VIMCCC - An Omni cpp code completion plugin which based on libclang.
3.Debugger Integration.
Gdb integration, by pyclewn.
If you need more features, you can search other plugins.
Such as taglist, tagbar, NERD_commenter, snipmate, etc.
NOTE1: Currently, VimLite is not stable enough.
NOTE2: Currently, VimLite need Vim 7.3 or later.
Please report bugs here
After installation, run ':h VimLite.txt' for help.
Simple User Guide (Chinese):
Screen shots:
VIMCCC On Linux:
VIMCCC On Windows:
1. Improve debugger integration (debugger).
2. Filter symbols which are not include (OmniCpp).
X. Port to Windows.
X. Parse saved file asynchronously (OmniCpp).
X. Move clang code completion to which based on libclang (VIMCCC).
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