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MultiDownload class

To initialize and start the download:

	self.urls = [NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects:

	self.downloads = [[MultipleDownload alloc] initWithUrls: urls];
	self.downloads.delegate = self;

For processing the download, use MultiDownload delegates:

 - (void) didFinishDownload:(NSNumber*)idx {
	NSLog(@"%d download: %@", [idx intValue], [downloads dataAsStringAtIndex: [idx intValue]]);

 - (void) didFinishAllDownload {
	NSLog(@"Finished all download!");
	[downloads release];

BlueBadge class

It uses CoreGraphic to draw a blue badge similar to the mail count in To initialize:

BlueBadge *blueBadge = [[BlueBadge alloc] initWithFrame: rect];
[cell addSubview:blueBadge];
[blueBadge release];

When you need to update the count:

[blueBadge drawWithCount: numOfMail];