Simple RSS reader for iPhone using PureMVC Standard for Objective-C
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#Simple RSS reader for iPhone using PureMVC Standard for Objective-C


Jens Krause // WEBSECTOR.DE

##Licence Licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1.


  • Download the latest PureMVC Objective-C package (v.1.1) and store it anywhere on your machine
  • Point to PureMVC Objective-C package using a environment variable in Xcode:
    • Open XCode -> Preferences -> Source Trees and add a Xcode environment variable called PUREMVC_SCR
    • Click "+" button and enter a setting name "PUREMVC_SCR", a display name "puremvc-objective-c" and a path pointing to the source of PureMVC {yourPuremvcFolderDownloadedBefore}/puremvc-objective-c/trunk/src
  • Add the PureMVC Objective-C package as a static library to the project as follow:
    • Open project of puremvc-objectivec-simplerssreader in XCode
    • Goto Project -> Edit project settings -> Build and enter at "User Header Search Path" the enviroment variable of PureMVC created before "$(PUREMVC_SCR)". Option named "recursive" should be enabled.
    • From Groups and Files pane right click on Fameworks -> Add Existings files. Browse and add {yourPuremvcFolderDownloadedBefore}/puremvc-objective-c/trunk/bin/PureMVC/headers/PureMVC _ ObjectiveC _ 1 _ 1.a Option named "Copy items into destination group's folder (if needed)" should be disabled!
    • Check in Groups and Files -> Targets -> Link Binary with Libraries that "PureMVC_ObjectiveC_1_1.a" is listed
    • Build and run project

For detailed information about using static libraries check the great article Easy, Modular Code Sharing Across iPhone Apps: Static Libraries and Cross-Project References by Clint Harris.

##Note If you get an error "CodeSign error: a valid provisioning profile is required", you may need a valid provisioning profile to run and build this app. Check for more information the following article:

Have fun!