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@akohlmey akohlmey released this Feb 8, 2019 · 1685 commits to master since this release

This patch corrects a serious bug that was introduced in the previous patch release 1 February 2019:
The use of the create_atoms command with the region option while using a rotated lattice will result in creating fewer atoms than expected, and thus incorrect behavior. The offending code has been removed in #1321, which also contains several minor cleanups and bugfixes.

Beyond this important bugfix the patch includes an update of the Kokkos library to version 2.8.00 ( #1312 ),
a new KOKKOS angle style cosine (#1306), and a rename of the python package base source files to avoid conflicts on OSs with case insensitive file systems (e.g. MacOS and Windows) #1316

Also included are updates to the appearance and management of processing pull requests and issues on GitHub (#1318 , #1319, #1322)

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