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Dotty Community Build

Community Build Status

This repository contains tests to build a corpus of Scala open sources projects against a specific version of Dotty.

To run the community build on a local machine, clone the repo and execute ./

The tests will by default run against the latest NIGHTLY build of dotty. You may customize the dotty bersion by passing the DOTTY_REFERENCE variable to This variable is used to identify a specific revision to build, publish locally and against which the tests will be run. Some examples:

  • Build a PR:
    DOTTY_REFERENCE="+refs/pull/3306/merge" ./
  • Build a tag:
    DOTTY_REFERENCE="0.3.0-RC2" ./
  • Build a specific commit:
    DOTTY_REFERENCE="deadbeef" ./
  • Build using the latest nightly:

Adding your project

To add your project to the community build you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new branch in your project. Name it dotty (not mandatory).

  2. Get your project to compile with Dotty. Instructions can be found on the dotty-example-project. Here are examples of projects that compile with Dotty:

    Please open an issue on Github if you believe your project doesn't compile because of a bug in Dotty.

  3. Once your project compiles with Dotty, open a PR against this repo that:

    • adds a test for your project in CommunityBuildTest.scala. A test requires:
      • Your project git url
      • The name of the branch to build. Default to dotty
      • The command sbt needs to run in order to build the project
    • adds an entry for your project in .travis.yml that matches the name of the test