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Tweaks to indent syntax #7363

merged 16 commits into from Oct 10, 2019


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odersky commented Oct 3, 2019

  • Cleanup
  • Allow significant indentation after if.
  • Allow with in front of templates and make indentation significant after it.
  • Allow with in front of type refinements and make indentation significant after it.
  • Simplify syntax of given instances for extension methods
odersky added 4 commits Oct 3, 2019
There's one scenario where this breaks:

else if ...
This will be interpreted as
if {
else if ...
and will fail with `then` expected at the point of the `else`.

An example like this occurred in `SymDenotations.scala`.
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dotty-bot left a comment

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odersky added 4 commits Oct 3, 2019
... and make indentation significant after it.
The alternative looks really ugly after switching eo `with` syntax.
Maybe we should disallow it?
@odersky odersky force-pushed the dotty-staging:change-indent-with branch from 086979f to edddda1 Oct 4, 2019
odersky added 4 commits Oct 4, 2019
 - All parameters go in the front
 - remainde consists only of methods
 - indentation is significant


  given [T](xs: List[T])
    def second = xs.tail.head
    def third = xs.tail.tail.head
A `return` is not necessarily followed by anything. So our general principles
indicate that indentation should not be significant after it, since otherwise
an off-by-one-space error could change meaning.
@odersky odersky force-pushed the dotty-staging:change-indent-with branch from 8f1dde9 to 4bb212b Oct 5, 2019
@odersky odersky requested a review from liufengyun Oct 5, 2019
odersky added 2 commits Oct 5, 2019
Allow multi-variable pattern declarations of the form

    val p1, ..., pn: T

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godenji commented Oct 5, 2019

Where did with come from?

Thought that line ending + indent would suffice for object/trait/class/enum definitions. Seems very strange to end every line with with.


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odersky commented Oct 5, 2019

See #7136 for a discussion, in particular the last comments.

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liufengyun left a comment


Some points for future consideration:

Self syntax

Regarding the self syntax, if we indent them as follows (no indent), it does not look bad, and it's easier to parse what's the self requirement:

trait T with
self: C =>

The syntax for patmat

Given that we have

  enum Option[+T] with
    case Some(x: T) extends Option[T]
    case None       extends Option[Nothing]

Should we change the syntax of patmat to:

  match opt with
    case Some(x) =>
    case None    =>

This change will also align with the patmat syntax of ML-family of languages.

The syntax for given

Programmers will get confused about whether to use with or not when a list of non-local definitions follows:

  given intOrd: Ord[Int] with
    def (x: Int) compareTo (y: Int) =
      if (x < y) -1 else if (x > y) +1 else 0

  given stringOps: (xs: Seq[String])
    def longestStrings: Seq[String] =
      val maxLength =
      xs.filter(_.length == maxLength)
class A extends B with
becomes illegal since `C` above would be terated as a nested statement inside `A`. More generally, a `with` that separates parent constructors cannot be at the end of a line. One has to write

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liufengyun Oct 8, 2019


typo: terated


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liufengyun commented Oct 8, 2019

Inspired by this PR, I'm thinking a "more natural" syntax for extension methods. The idea is that templates can be augmented with extension clauses, i.e.:

Extension         ::=  ‘extends‘   ‘(‘ id ‘:‘ Type ‘)‘  ‘{’ DefDef { DefDef } ‘}’
ClassDef          ::=  id ClassConstr [Template] {Extension}
ObjectDef         ::=  id [Template] {Extension}

For example, we can write the following code:

trait Ord[T] extends (x: T) with
  def <(y: T) = x.compareTo(y) < 0
  def >(y: T) = x.compareTo(y) > 0
  def compareTo(y: T): Int
end Ord

given IntOps: Ord[Int] extends (x: Int) with
  def compareTo(y: T): Int = x - y

// a bunch of extension methods
given StringOps extends (a: String) with

// parameterized given
given AnyOps[T] extends (a: T) with

// Flags example
object Flags with
extends (x: FlagSet) with
  def bits: Long = opaques.toBits(x)
  def | (y: FlagSet): FlagSet = ...
end Flags

// or, split the definition into a separate trait
trait FlagSetOps extends (x: Flags.FlagSet) with
  def bits: Long = opaques.toBits(x)
  def | (y: Flags.FlagSet): FlagSet = ...

object Flags extends FlagSetOps with


  1. It justifies the magic implicit resolution rule for extension methods: why an extension method is available when a given instance enclosing the method is present?

  2. It clears any doubt about the referent of this inside extension methods. This is a problem for current syntax, as in template-like context, we expect this to be something different from the outer context.

  3. There is no need for the problematic infix syntax, e.g.,def (self: String) + (that: String): String.

@odersky odersky merged commit dacfba8 into lampepfl:master Oct 10, 2019
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@odersky odersky deleted the dotty-staging:change-indent-with branch Oct 10, 2019
@anatoliykmetyuk anatoliykmetyuk added this to the 0.20 Tech Preview milestone Oct 31, 2019
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