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doc License formatting tweak, RTF version. Jan 7, 2014
docs Delete zipfile-bug.txt Oct 23, 2014
lib No longer support unreleased STARR. Nov 26, 2013
spec Update Oct 10, 2014
test SI-9571 Avoid boxing primitives in string concatenation Oct 27, 2017
tools SI-3452 Correct Java generic signatures for mixins, static forwarders Feb 9, 2014
.drone.yml Add CI checking via drone (#18) Apr 28, 2017
.gitignore IntelliJ IDEA files for version 14 Nov 3, 2014
.mailmap update mailmap Jan 28, 2014
Gemfile Jekyll generated html in spec/ directory Mar 27, 2014 Add link to Feb 16, 2014
bincompat-forward.whitelist.conf [nomerge] SI-8899 Revert "SI-8627 make Stream.filterNot non-eager" Oct 12, 2014
build.xml Don't compile with -optimize. Prone to bugs. Nov 2, 2015
dbuild-meta.json Modularize the swing library. Dec 14, 2013
gitconfig.SAMPLE Update to cope with curl not installed Feb 27, 2012 Made the binary push script a bit friendlier for humans Jan 20, 2012