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Are you a Deno user? If true, we provide the same library for Deno. See: Mongo Backend for Deno 🦖

Inspired from i18next-node-mongodb-backend with support for mongodb@3.5.x and some bug fixes and more improvements

Integrate i18next with MongoDB



This is a i18next backend to be used Node JS. It will load resources from a MongoDB database with official node mongodb driver.

Prevously is i18next-node-mongo-backend. Because i lost my NPM account, the package was renamed to i18next-node-mongodb-backend-next.

Getting started

yarn add mongodb i18next-node-mongodb-backend-next
# or
npm install mongodb i18next-node-mongodb-backend-next

Important: This library doesn't include mongodb library. You need to install it yourself.


const i18next = require('i18next');
const Backend = require('i18next-node-mongodb-backend-next');

  // Backend Options
  backend: options,

Backend Options

  // Database Name
  dbName: '<DB Name>', // Required

  // MongoDB Uri
  uri: '<DB URI>',

  // Or

   // MongoDB standard configuration
  host: '<DB Host>',
  port: 27017,

  // Or

  // If you have your own `MongoClient`, put in here:
  // Note: If this has already been entered, the other MongoDB configurations will be ignored
  client: new MongoClient(), // work with connected client or not

  // MongoDB authentication. Remove it if not needed
  // Choose one, `user` or `username`. Both are the same.
  user: '<DB User>',
  username: '<DB User>',
  password: '<DB Password>',

  // Collection name in database will be used to store i18next data
  collectionName: 'i18n',

  // MongoDB field name
  languageFieldName: 'lang',
  namespaceFieldName: 'ns',
  dataFieldName: 'data',

  // Remove MongoDB special character from field name. See
  sanitizeFieldNameCharacter: true,

  // Error handlers
  readOnError: console.error,
  readMultiOnError: console.error,
  createOnError: console.error,

  // MongoClient Options. See
  mongodb: {
    useUnifiedTopology: true

Example Backend Options

Connect with uri:

  uri: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/test',
  dbName: 'test' // Required field

Connect with host and port:

  host: 'localhost',
  port: 27017,
  dbName: 'test' // Required field

Connect with MongoClient instance (Recommended):

If you already have your own connection, use this to avoid useless connections

  client: new MongoClient(), // Change with your MongoClient instance
  dbName: 'test', // Required field

Example of the MongoDB document that will be created:

  "lang": "en-US",
  "ns": "translations",
  "data": {
    "key": "Thank you!"

Key name is according to provided in options

Visit here for more example usage


v1.0.1 (19-05-2022)

  • Add support to both of user & username options.

v1.0.0 (19-05-2022)

  • Add support to mongodb v4 #18
  • Refactor the entire codebase
  • Testing improvement

v0.0.5 (13-07-2021):

v0.0.4 (08-04-2020):

  • Critical bug fixed
  • Remove persistConnection option
  • Rename filterFieldNameCharacter option to sanitizeFieldNameCharacter

v0.0.3 (DEPRECATED):

  • Add testing code with Jest
  • Add JSDOC
  • Add support for the uri option
  • Add filterFieldNameCharacter option
  • Some improvements