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# William Lam
# Sample Network Customization script for Windows Server 2016 + Active Directory Domain join
$customizationRanFile = [System.Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable('TEMP','Machine') + "\ran_customization"
$customizationLogFile = [System.Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable('TEMP','Machine') + "\customization-log.txt"
if(! (Test-Path -LiteralPath $customizationRanFile)) {
"Customization Started @ $(Get-Date)" | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile
$EthernetInterfaceAliasName = "Ethernet0"
$VMwareToolsExe = "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools\vmtoolsd.exe"
[xml]$ovfEnv = & $VMwareToolsExe --cmd "info-get guestinfo.ovfEnv" | Out-String
$ovfProperties = $ovfEnv.ChildNodes.NextSibling.PropertySection.Property
$ovfPropertyValues = @{}
foreach ($ovfProperty in $ovfProperties) {
$ovfPropertyValues[$ovfProperty.key] = $ovfProperty.Value
# uncomment below for debugging which will output all OVF Properties to logfile
# $ovfProperties | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
# Configure Static IP
if($ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.hostname'] -ne "") {
# Rename Computer & Description to match Hostname
"Renaming Computer Name and Description to $($ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.hostname'])" | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
Rename-Computer -NewName $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.hostname'] | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem | Set-CimInstance -Property @{Description = $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.hostname']} | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
# Configure Networking
"Configuring IP Address to $($ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ipaddress'])" | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
"Configuring Netmask to $($ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.netmask'])" | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
"Configuring Gateway to $($ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.gateway'])" | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
New-NetIPAddress –InterfaceAlias $EthernetInterfaceAliasName -AddressFamily IPv4 –IPAddress $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ipaddress'] –PrefixLength $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.netmask'] | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
New-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix -InterfaceAlias $EthernetInterfaceAliasName -NextHop $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.gateway'] | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
# Configure DNS
"Configuring DNS to $($ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.dns'])" | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
Set-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceAlias $EthernetInterfaceAliasName -ServerAddresses $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.dns'] | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
# Sleep to ensure DNS changes go into effect for AD Join
Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
# Configure Active Directory
if($ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ad_domain'] -ne "" -and $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ad_username'] -ne "" -and $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ad_password'] -ne "") {
$joinCred = New-Object pscredential -ArgumentList ([pscustomobject]@{
UserName = $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ad_username'] + "@" + $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ad_domain']
Password = (ConvertTo-SecureString -String $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ad_password'] -AsPlainText -Force)[0]
"Joining Active Directory Domain $($ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ad_domain'])" | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
Add-Computer -NewName $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.hostname'] -Domain $ovfPropertyValues['guestinfo.ad_domain'] -Credential $joinCred -Restart | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
} else {
"No OVF Properties were found, defaulting to DHCP for networking" | Out-File -FilePath $customizationLogFile -Append
# Create ran file to ensure we do not run again
Out-File -FilePath $customizationRanFile
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