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VMworld EU 2017 Breakout Sessions Playback URLs

Here is a nice summary list of all VMworld EU 2017 Breakout session with the respective video playback URLs. Enjoy!

Total Sessions Posted: 287

Total Sessions NOT posted: 34

Application Transformation (24)

CNA1142BE - Pivotal Cloud Foundry & Developer Ready Infrastructure for the VMware Admin [PDF]

CNA1699BE - Running Docker on Your Existing Infrastructure with vSphere Integrated Containers [PDF]

CNA2006BE - Deep Dive: Architecting Container Services with VMware and Pivotal Developer Ready Infrastructure [PDF]

CNA2080BE - Basics of Kubernetes on BOSH: Run Production-grade Kubernetes on the SDDC [PDF]

CNA2150BE - Optimizing Critical Banking Workloads Using vSphere Integrated Containers [PDF]

CNA2392BE - Navigating Through the Container Ecosystem [PDF]

CNA3045BE - What???s New with Containers on SDDC [PDF]

CNA3388BES - Public? Private? Hybrid? What is the Optimal Deployment Strategy For Your Applications [PDF]

DEV2133BE - Designing an Application-Centric Infrastructure Platform: Experience from the Field [PDF]

DEV2704BE - Delivering Infrastructure as Code: Practical Tips and Advice [PDF]

DEV2858BE - The Shift to the Left: The Changing Role of Operations as Developers in a DevOps World [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

VIRT1052BE - Extreme Performance Series: Monster VM Database Performance [PDF]

VIRT1068BE - Virtualizing and Tuning in Memory Databases [PDF]

VIRT1138BE - Unleash the Power of Your Virtual SAP HANA Deployment [PDF]

VIRT1309BE - Monster VMs (Database Virtualization) with vSphere 6.5: Doing IT Right [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

VIRT1351BE - New Architectures for Virtualizing Spark and Big Data Workloads [PDF]

VIRT1374BE - Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way! [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

VIRT1381BE - Turkey's Biggest Bank Application: Data Center Migration to a New Data Center (ZVM) [PDF]

VIRT1385BE - How Accenture Helps Its Customers Virtualize SAP Workloads with VMware Solutions to Optimize Costs and Business Outcomes [PDF]

VIRT1397BE - Extreme Performance Series: Optimize & Increase Performance of Mission/Business Critical Architectures Using VMware NSX and vRealize Network Insight [PDF]

VIRT1430BE - Performance Tuning and Monitoring for Virtualized Database Servers [PDF]

VIRT1445BE - Extreme Performance Series: Fast Virtualized Hadoop and Spark on All-Flash Disks [PDF]

VIRT1625BE - Streamlining Oracle on the SDDC [PDF]

VIRT1817BE - Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere [PDF]

VIRT2211BE - Automating NSX for Virtual Machines and Containerized Applications [PDF]

VIRT2483BE - SAP on VMware???A Customer Story: How Evonik Is Managing Its SAP Workload While Utilizing Market-Leading SAP and VMware Technology [PDF]

VIRT3319BES - Deep Dive on Physical and Virtual NUMA: Save your SQL Virtual Machines from Certain Doom-A! [PDF]

Emerging Technologies and Trends (11)

FUT1226BE - VMware and Open Source: Compliance, Quality, and Viability [PDF]

FUT1744BE - The Benefits of VMware Integrated OpenStack for Your NFV Platform [PDF]

FUT1939BE - Artificial Intelligence at VMware: Using Advanced Analytics as a Digital Transformation Catalyst [PDF]

FUT2020BE - Wringing Maximum Performance from vSphere for Extremely Demanding Workloads and Customers [PDF]

FUT2051BE - Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage [PDF]

FUT2701BE - It???s Time to Reimagine the Security Playing Field [PDF]

FUT3056BE - VMware vSphere Scales on the Amazing Next-Generation Intel Xeon Architecture [PDF]

FUT3076BE - Simplifying Your Open-Source Cloud With VMware [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

FUT3215BE - Leading the 5G and IoT Revolution Through NFV [PDF]

FUT3383BES - IBM Cloud, Internet of Things, and Watson: Using the world???s biggest breakthroughs to unleash innovation with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions [PDF]

IOT2145BE - The Fundamentals of a Hyper-Converged Internet of Things Infrastructure [PDF]

IOT2148BE - Introducing VMware Pulse IoT Center: Take Control of All Your Things and Edge Systems [PDF]

Empowering the Digital Workspace (31)

ADV1088BES - Transforming Education through vDaas cloud solution [PDF]

ADV1582BE - Solve Your Citrix Problems with VMware Technologies [PDF]

ADV1583BE - Delivering Skype for Business with VMware Horizon: All You Need to Know [PDF]

ADV1586BE - What's New in Horizon 7: Technical Deep Dive [[PDF]]( v2_1507839478203001IHpU.pdf)

ADV1587BE - NSX + VMware Horizon: A Security Architecture for Delivering Desktops and Applications with VMware [PDF]

ADV1589BE - Implementing Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud on VxRail [PDF]

ADV1591BE - Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps via the Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon [PDF]

ADV1592BE - Troubleshooting Your Horizon 7 Deployment [PDF]

ADV1593BE - Horizon Apps and JMP: Technical Deep Dive [PDF]

ADV1596BE - Horizon Cloud Service: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know [PDF]

ADV1598BE - What's New with VMware Fusion, Workstation, and Horizon FLEX [PDF]

ADV1604BE - Previewing Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure [PDF]

ADV1607BE - Delivering 3D Graphics Desktops and Applications in the Real World with VMware Horizon, Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport, and NVIDIA GRID [PDF]

ADV1609BE - Deliver Any App, Any Desktop, Anywhere in the World Using VMware Blast Extreme [PDF]

ADV3303BES - Can you provide your workforce with secure mobile access to data? Can you deliver this cost effectively? [PDF]

ADV3310BES - End User Computing and Collaboration with NetApp; AFA, CI & HCI [PDF]

SAAM1069BES - Puppet and VMware vRealize: Driving Digital Transformation in the Real World [PDF]

SAAM1146BES - Best Practices for Securing Hybrid Clouds with VMware, AWS and Check Point [PDF]

SAAM1321BE - VMware on VMware: Winning a Single Sign-On Solution with VMware Workspace ONE [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

SAAM2204BE - Secure and Seamless Access to All Your Applications with Workspace ONE Conditional Access and Mobile Single Sign-On [PDF]

SAAM2288BE - Introduction to Access Management in Workspace ONE [PDF]

SAAM2291BE - Securing Access and Protecting Information in Office 365 with Workspace ONE [PDF]

UEM1359BE - Best Practices in Migrating Windows 7 to Windows 10 [PDF]

UEM1404BE - Empowered Users and Rapid Returns: Lessons from the Digital Workspace [PDF]

UEM1409BE - End-User Privacy: The Foundation of a Successful BYOD Campaign [PDF]

UEM1423BE - Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligent Workflows to Boost App Adoption and Productivity [PDF]

UEM1745BE - An Insider's View into Windows 10 Management with VMware AirWatch: A Technical Deep Dive [PDF]

UEM1827BE - Cut the Cost with Cloud-First, Scalable Windows Software Distribution [PDF]

UEM1833BE - How Dell and VMware Help You Reimagine Windows 10 Deployments [PDF]

UEM1854BE - Discover VMware???s vision for digital workspace analytics: Workspace ONE Intelligence [PDF]

UEM1859BE - Be a Power Admin: VMware AirWatch Console Tips and Tricks [PDF]

UEM2205BE - Get Up to Speed on Innovations in the Mobile Ecosystem: iOS, macOS, Android, and Chrome OS [PDF]

Integrate Public Clouds (31)

LHC1010BES - Open your Mind: Mix Private Cloud, Hybridity and Elasticity All Together with OVH! [PDF]

LHC1403BER - Accelerate the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS [PDF]

LHC1539BE - Paving the Way to the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Service Providers and vCloud Availability [PDF]

LHC1547BE - Creating Your VMware Cloud on AWS Data Center: VMware Cloud on AWS Fundamentals [PDF]

LHC1661BE - Getting Started with VMware Cloud Provider Program (Technical Tips and Tricks) [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

LHC1716BE - On-Ramp to the Cloud: Migration Tools and Strategies [PDF]

LHC1746BE - Automating Disaster Recovery with vCloud Availability for vCloud Director and vRealize Orchestrator [PDF]

LHC1753BE - Case Study: How VMware NSX Is Empowering a Service Provider to Help Customers Achieve and Maintain Industry Compliance [PDF]

LHC1755BE - VMware Cloud for AWS Storage and Availability: Keeping Your Bits Safe for Humanity [PDF]

LHC1882BE - Service Overview for VMware Cloud on AWS [PDF]

LHC1951BE - Let OVH Help You Automate your Cloud Recovery for when you are Nuked from Orbit: It???s the only way to be sure. [PDF]

LHC2105BE - NSX and VMware Cloud on AWS: The Path to Hybrid Cloud [PDF]

LHC2384BE - VMware Cloud on AWS: A Technical Deep Dive [PDF]

LHC2401BE - How Far Is Too far? See how OVH can help you solve the Hybrid Cloud Distance Factor [PDF]

LHC2424BE - 200 to 40,000 VMs in 24 Months: Building Highly Scalable SDDC on Hybrid Cloud: Real-World Example [PDF]

LHC2573BE - Achieving Hybrid Cloud Data Agility Securely with VMware NSX [PDF]

LHC2626BE - Build VMware Powered Hybrid Clouds: See How vCloud Director and NSX work together to build true Hybrid Clouds [PDF]

LHC3174BE - VMware Cloud on AWS: An Architectural and Operational Deep Dive [PDF]

LHC3178BE - Operating a Hybrid Environment with Hybrid Linked Mode and Content Library [PDF]

LHC3295BES - Learn how OVH has changed the vSphere Cloud [PDF]

LHC3296BES - Shields Up! Building a True Security Barrier in the Cloud [PDF]

LHC3371BES - VMware Cloud on AWS ??? The Painless Path to Hybrid Cloud [PDF]

LHC3375BES - VMware Cloud on AWS Hybrid Cloud Architectural Deep Dive: Networking and Storage Best Practices [PDF]

LHC3376BES - AWS Native Services Integration with VMware Cloud on AWS: Technical Deep Dive [PDF]

LHC3380BES - Virtustream and VMware Enable Mission Critical Hybrid Cloud [PDF]

LHC3384BES - Hybrid Connectivity Simplified with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions [PDF]

MMC1115BES - Multi-Channel Success In A Hybrid Cloud World [PDF]

MMC1532BE - Using VMware NSX for Enhanced Networking and Security for AWS Native Workloads [PDF]

MMC2820BE - Live Demo: 3 Best Practices for Deploying, Managing and Securing AWS EC2 Apps with VMware Cloud Services [PDF]

MMC3066BE - How Do You Use Network Insights' SaaS to Secure Multitier Hybrid Apps Running on vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS, and AWS Native? [PDF]

MMC3074BE - Three Ways to Use New VMware Cross-Cloud Services to Efficiently Run Workloads Across AWS, Azure, and vSphere: VMware and Customer Technical Session [PDF]

MMC3164BE - How Data Science is Transforming Operations: Introduction to Wavefront by VMware [PDF]

Leading Digital Transformation (7)

LDT1499BE - Successfully Integrating the Public Cloud at the Australian Taxation Office [PDF]

LDT1720BE - Securing the Hybrid Cloud (Agility vs. Control) [PDF]

LDT1844BE - Open Source at VMware: A Key Ingredient to Our Success and Yours [PDF]

LDT2491BE - IT Transformation at VMware [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

LDT2523BE - Organizing and Structuring IT in the DevOps World [PDF]

LDT2590BE - Speed is now a Core Competency for Enterprises: VMware IT Framework to Leverage Emerging Tech and CNA Platforms to Accelerate Delivery Speed [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

LDT2795BE - Building a Strategy to Deliver Smart City Solutions: A Telco Digital Transformation Story by du [PDF]

LDT2835BE - Preventing Public and Private Cloud Lock-In [PDF]

LDT2966BE - IT Transformation: Data Center to Cloud [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

LDT3013BE - Successfully Enabling the Digital Transformation [PDF]

Modernize the Data Center (127)

MGT1145BES - Cloud Security Automation at the Speed of DevOps with Check Point vSEC, NSX and vRO [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

MGT1758BE - Effectively Operating an Automated Cloud [PDF]

MGT1785BE - Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes on OpenStack [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

MGT1799BE - Full-Stack Automation: Streamlining, Delivering, and Managing App-Centric IT [PDF]

MGT1816BE - Case study: How Mundipharma is Using vRealize Business for Cloud to Transform Its Cloud Initiative Into Cloud Business Management Practice [PDF]

MGT2231BE - Cloud Management Platform: Can I Get There from Here? [PDF]

MGT2426BE - Hot Off the Press: News UK Simplifies it's Software-defined Data Center Management and Reduces Average Downtime by 95% [PDF]

MGT2589BE - ADEO: Creating a Global Enterprise Hybrid Cloud [PDF]

MGT3342BES - Architecting Data Protection with Rubrik [PDF]

NET1188BE - Disaster Recovery Solutions with NSX [PDF]

NET1350BE - Deploying NSX on a Cisco Infrastructure [PDF]

NET1523BE - Integrating NSX and Cloud Foundry [PDF]

NET1783BE - Enabling the Software-Defined ROBO with VMware NSX [PDF]

NET1853BE - Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Day 2 Automation of NSX for vSphere using vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Automation [PDF]

NET2375BE - Intelligent Operations for SDDC Network and Security with vRealize Network Insight [PDF]

NET2542BE - Deep Dive into Operationalizing NSX for vSphere [PDF]

NET2810BE - Feel the vRealize Network Insight: Overcoming Operational Challenges with NSX and Underlay Networking [PDF]

PBO1221BE - A Beginner's Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center [PDF]

PBO1254BE - Automating Horizon Deployments with VMware Cloud Foundation [NO PDF POSTED]

PBO1437BE - Infrastructure Automation in VMware Cloud Foundation Using vRealize Automation [NO PDF POSTED]

PBO1649BE - How to Operationalize Your Software-Defined Data Center in 90 Days: The Proven Approach to IT Transformation [PDF]

PBO1757BE - Configuring a Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation: A Technical Deep Dive [PDF]

PBO2073BE - Enterprise Protection and Reliability for VMware Cloud Foundation with Cohesity [PDF]

PBO2244BE - Cloud Transformation Best Practices [PDF]

PBO2595BE - A Real Strategy for SDDC Capacity Management: A Perspective Across Technology, People, and Processes [PDF]

PBO2631BE - A Base Design for Everyone???s Data Center: The Consolidated VMware Validated Design [PDF]

PBO2686BE - Best Data Center Practices: How VMware Validated Designs Can Simplify Your Life [PDF]

PBO2864BE - Case Study: VMware Cloud Foundation???Powered Private Cloud, Including Hands-on Labs [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

PBO3311BES - Implementing Advanced vSphere Features with Veeam Availability Suite [PDF]

PBO3328BES - Deliver a dynamic virtual workspace with VMware Horizon and HPE???s Composable Infrastructure built on HPE Synergy & VMware Cloud Foundation [PDF]

PBO3329BES - Build enterprise class secure and scalable Hybrid IT solutions with VMware and HPE using HPE Simplivity and HPE ProLiant platforms [PDF]

SER1143BE - A Deep Dive into vSphere 6.5 Core Storage Features and Functionality [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

SER1815BE - DRS Labs: What's New and What Is Being Cooked Up in Resource Management Land [PDF]

SER2068BE - How to Upgrade to vSphere 6.5 with Zero Downtime [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

SER2343BE - Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute & Memory Schedulers [PDF]

SER2355BE - Best Practices for All-Flash Arrays with VMware vSphere [PDF]

SER2617BE - How vSphere with Operations Management Made Our Environment Run Lean and Mean [PDF]

SER2724BE - Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices [PDF]

SER2849BE - Extreme Performance Series: Predictive DRS???Performance and Best Practices [PDF]

SER2933BE - Defend Your vSphere Infrastructure from Evil with vCenter High Availability [PDF]

SER2940BE - Become a Superhero Architect of Your vSphere SSO Domain [PDF]

STO1013BES - Dynamically Composable NVMe-over-Fabrics Storage for Cloud Applications [PDF]

STO1117BE - Deep Dive into VMware vSAN Performance Benchmarks [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

STO1193BE - A Closer Look at vSAN Networking Design and Configuration Considerations [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

STO1451BE - Deep Dive on Encrypting your Data-at-Rest with vSAN [PDF]

STO1500BE - A Real-World Demonstration of Assessing and Sizing a Customer Environment for vSAN [PDF]

STO2652BE - Conducting a Successful vSAN 6.x Proof of Concept [PDF]

STO2886BE - Building a TCO Story to Accelerate vSAN Adoption [PDF]

STO3331BES - Cohesity Hyperconverged Secondary Storage: Simple Data Protection for VMware and vSAN [PDF]

STO3333BES - Deliver Real Business Results Through IT Modernization [PDF]

MGT1999BE - It's the Apps: Fully Loaded Application Monitoring with vRealize Operations [PDF]

MGT2338BE - The Happy Nomadic VM: A vRealize Story [PDF]

MGT2855BE - Operationalize Your World: Moving Your Operations Closer to Your Architectures [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

MGT2875BE - Manage, Govern, and Extend VMware Cloud on AWS with vRealize Automation [PDF]

MGT3454BES - Software Defined Data Center in your Journey to Cloud [PDF]

NET1047BES - Security Automation with VMware NSX and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) [PDF]

NET1152BE - Introduction to VMware NSX [PDF]

NET1192BE - Multisite Networking and Security with Cross-VC NSX [PDF]

NET1345BE - NSX in Small Data Centers for Small and Medium Businesses [PDF]

NET1416BE - NSX Logical Routing [PDF]

NET1510BE - Introduction to NSX-T Architecture [PDF]

NET1522BE - Kubernetes Networking with NSX-T Deep Dive [PDF]

NET1535BE - NSX Design???Reference Design for SDDC with NSX and vSphere: Part 1 [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

NET1536BE - NSX Design???Reference Design for SDDC with NSX and vSphere: Part 2 [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

NET1777BE - Troubleshooting Methodology for VMware NSX for vSphere [PDF]

NET1821BE - The Future of Networking and Security with NSX-T [PDF]

NET1863BE - NSX-T Advanced Architecture Concepts [PDF]

NET2119BE - PowerNSX - Bringing the power of PowerCLI to VMware NSX for vSphere [PDF]

NET2866BE - Learn from challenging but successful NSX Deployment Journey with VMware SDDC at large Pharmaceutical Company. [PDF]

NET3282BE - The NSX Practical Path [PDF]

NET3283BE - NSX Features Deep Dive [PDF]

NET3420BE - Introduction to VMware AppDefense [[PDF]]( _EMEA_1507846220992001roBV.pdf)

PBO1046BES - Simplifying the Journey to Software Defined Data Center with Lenovo ThinkSystem & ThinkAgile [PDF]

PBO3334BES - State of the Union: Everything multi-cloud, converged, hyper-converged and more! [PDF]

PBO3350BES - Snapshots and SQL Server- Technical Deep Dive & Detailed Lab Findings [[PDF]]( THIS ONE_1507846611923001rokm.pdf)

SER1729BE - Networking for Virtual Environments: What???s New and What???s Next for VMware vSphere Networking [PDF]

SER1875BE - The Power Hour: vSphere PowerCLI 10th Birthday Edition [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

SER1957BE - Mastering the VMware Tools Lifecycle in Your vSphere Data Center [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

SER1963BE - Technical Overview of VMware ESXi Host Lifecycle Management with Update Manager, Auto Deploy, and Host Profiles [PDF]

SER2283BE - Migrate to Cloud Securely While Optimizing Copy Data: vMotion Has You Covered! [PDF]

SER2318BE - Upgrading to vSphere 6.5 the VCDX Way [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

SER2413BE - NVMe: What Is It? An Interface? A Protocol? A New Drive Technology? An Industry Revolution? [PDF]

SER2614BE - PowerCLI 201: Getting More Out of vSphere PowerCLI [PDF]

SER2905BE - Uncovering ESXTOP [PDF]

SER2958BE - Migrate to the vCenter Server Appliance You Should [PDF]

STO1053BES - Redefine vSAN Deployments with Next Generation Intel?? Xeon?? processor, Intel?? Optane??? and Intel?? 3D NAND SSDs [PDF]

STO1057BES - Solutions from Lenovo for Implementing a VMware based Software Defined Datacenter [PDF]

STO1216BE - The Software-Defined Storage Revolution Is Here: Discover Your Options [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

STO1264BE - The Top 10 Things to Know About vSAN [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

STO1297BE - Stretched Cluster or VMware Site Recovery Manager? We Say Both [PDF]

STO1498BE - Tech Preview: Disaster Recovery with VMware Cloud on AWS [PDF]

STO1742BE - Modernizing IT with Server-Centric Architecture Powered by VMware vSAN and VxRail Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance [PDF]

STO1770BE - Technical Preview of Integrated Data Protection for vSAN: A Native, Scalable Solution to Safeguard Data on vSAN [PDF]

STO1794BE - The Evolution of VMware vSAN and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure [PDF]

STO1885BE - Key vSAN Use Cases with Customer Case Studies [NO PDF POSTED]

STO1994BE - Successful vSAN for Remote Offices and Branch Offices [PDF]

STO3194BE - Protecting Virtual Machines in VMware Cloud on AWS [PDF]

STO3305BES - Replicating VMware VVols: A technical deep dive into VVol array based replication in vSphere 6.5 [PDF]

STO3308BES - NetApp HCI, Simplicity AND Enterprise Scale [PDF]

STO3385BES - Revolutionizing VM Availability with the Easiest Data Protection Solution You???ve Ever Seen [PDF]

MGT1217BE - What???s New in vRealize Operations 6.6 [PDF]

MGT1568BE - vRealize Business for Cloud: Enabling IT Talk ???Business??? with Line of ???Business???! [PDF]

MGT1847BE - What's New with vRealize Automation 7.3 [PDF]

MGT2609BE - VMware Integrated OpenStack: What???s New [PDF]

MGT3343BES - Using Automation to Validate Recoverable Backups with Rubrik [PDF]

NET1089BE - When Clouds Collide, Lightning Strikes [PDF]

NET1338BE - VMware Integrated OpenStack and NSX Integration Deep Dive [PDF]

NET2415BE - Utilizing NSX load balancing for scalability, reliability, and security: Overview, best practices, and customer case study [NO PDF POSTED]

NET3304BES - Why NSX in Hitachi Enterprise Cloud is a game changer [PDF]

PBO1064BE - VxRack SDDC Deep Dive: Inside VxRack SDDC Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation [PDF]

PBO1222BE - VMware Cloud Foundation Architecture Deep Dive [PDF]

PBO1486BE - VMware Cloud Foundation Solution Overview [PDF]

PBO1677BE - VMware Cloud Foundation: Disaster Recovery Options [PDF]

PBO1721BE - VMware Validated Design for SDDC Architecture Deep Dive [PDF]

PBO2182BE - VMware Cloud Foundation: Real-World Deployment Experiences from Professional Services Engineering [PDF]

PBO2797BE - VMware Cloud Foundation Futures [PDF]

PBO3309BES - Veeam Availability Suite v10: A Deeper Dive of What???s New [PDF]

PBO3367BES - vSphere Virtual Volumes made easy with Pure Storage [PDF]

SER1289BE - vSphere Troubleshooting: Tips and Tricks [PDF]

SER1411BE - vSphere Clients Roadmap: HTML5 Client, Host Client, and Web Client [PDF]

SER1504BE - vCenter Performance Deep Dive [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

SER1848BE - vSphere Platform Security Update [PDF]

SER1872BE - vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive: Part 2 [PDF]

SER1912BE - VMware Open-Source SDKs: From Getting Started to Web App in One Hour [PDF]

SER2342BE - What's New with vSphere [PDF]

SER2480BE - vSphere PowerCLI 101: Becoming Your Organization's Superhero [PDF]

SER2540BE - vSphere HA: Leverage Its Full Potential [PDF]

SER2779BE - What's New in vCenter [PDF]

SER2936BE - vSphere Certificate Management for Mere Mortals [PDF]

SER2980BE - vCenter Server 6.5 Deep Dive and Troubleshooting [PDF]

STO1052BES - Why Amdocs Chose INFINIDAT???s Future-Defined Storage Solution for their IT Operations [PDF]

STO1090BES - Why Hyper-converged IT needs Hyper-converged Backup [PDF]

STO1178BE - vSAN Day 2 Guidance and Recommendations for Running and Maintaining a vSAN Cluster [PDF]

STO1315BE - vSAN Troubleshooting Deep Dive [PDF]

STO1378BE - vSAN Management Today and in the Future [PDF]

STO1890BE - VMware Cloud on AWS: Storage Deep Dive [PDF]

STO1926BE - vSAN 6.6: A Day in the Life of an I/O [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

STO2047BE - What's New in vSAN 6.6: Technical Deep Dive [PDF]

STO2095BE - vSAN ReadyNode and Build Your Own Hardware Guidance [PDF]

STO2115BE - vSphere Storage Best Practices [PDF]

STO2408BE - VMware Site Recovery Manager: Technical Walkthrough [PDF]

STO2446BE - Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive [[PDF]]( _EMEA_1507929377582001nOJo.pdf)

STO2986BE - vSAN Technical Deep Dive [PDF]

STO3054BE - What???s New in VMware vSAN 6.6 [PDF]

Transform Security (12)

GRC2385BE - Building a Unified Security and Compliance Risk Framework in a Hybrid Cloud World [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

GRC2676BE - Building a Paper Trail: Let OVH show you how to secure and audit a Public Cloud [PDF]

GRC3386BES - Addressing your General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Challenges with Security and Compliance Automation Based on VMware Cloud Foundation [PDF]

SAI1384BE - Security Policy Creation [PDF]

SAI2041BE - NSX DMZ Anywhere: Modernizing the DMZ [PDF]

SAI2325BE - How VMware IT Is Securing Applications Using Micro-Segmentation and Third-Party Integrations with NSX [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

SAI2371BE - Deploying Security in a Brownfield Environment ??? A Military Case Study [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

SAI2895BE - Application Security Reviews Made Easy with VMware AppDefense [PDF]

SAI3314BES - Automated Security for the Real-time enterprise with VMware NSX and Trend Micro Deep Security [PDF]

SAI3316BES - Skip the Security Slow Lane With VMware on AWS [PDF]

SAI3317BES - What???s New in Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Integration with VMware NSX ??? A Deep Dive into Enhancements, Best Practices and New Features [PDF]

SIE2034BE - Securing your VMware Horizon Virtualized Apps and Desktop Investments with NSX [PDF]

SIE2709BE - Why VMware Might Just Be Your Most Important IT Security Company [PDF]

SIE3196BE - Limit Your Cyber Attack Footprint with Endpoint Security and Micro-Segmentation from VMware NSX and AirWatch [PDF]

SIE3197BE - Secure Your Windows 10 and Office 365 Deployment with VMware Security Solutions [PDF]

ZPanel Discussions (10)

FUT3025PE - VMware CTO Innovation Panel: What's Next? [PDF]

GRC3109PE - Data Privacy, the GDPR, and the Globalization of Compliance [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

IOT2139PE - Don???t Get Left Behind: Get Started with the Internet of Things in Your Enterprise: Industry Leaders Panel Discussion [PDF]

LDT2346PE - CIO Whisperer: How to Successfully Become Your CIO???s Trusted Technology Advisor [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

LDT2867PE - Automation Deployed: Now What? Four Different Perspectives of Day 2 Operations in an Automated Environment [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

LDT3091PE - Digital Workspace and Security Transformation with VMware Workspace ONE and Hybrid Cloud [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

LDT3206PE - Digital Transformation in Financial Services [PDF]

LHC1566PE - Ask the VMware Cloud Provider Program Cloud Experts [PDF]

MGT1218PE - Real World IT Gurus Share Their Perspective on Operations Management for the Multicloud Era [PDF]

MGT2751PE - vRealize Automation Experts Panel: How to Win over App Developers and End Shadow IT [NO VIDEO POSTED] [NO PDF POSTED]

MGT2898PE - Pushing the Limits: Critical Customers Partnering with VMware Engineering [PDF]

NET3081PE - Customer Panel on VMware NSX [PDF]

STO1487PE - vSAN Customer Panel [PDF]

UEM3332PES - Workforce Transformation: Balancing Tomorrow???s Trends With Today???s Needs [PDF]

VIRT3014PE - SAP Virtualization Experts Panel [PDF]

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