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VMworld 2021 Breakout Session URLs

Here is a summary of all VMworld 2021 Breakout session in an easy to search and view. Enjoy!

Note: A free VMworld account is required to login and view each session.

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Table of Content

App Modernization

Session Title Speakers
APP1080 Build a Compelling Modern Apps and Managed Application Cloud Business Gerrit Lehr, Francisco Romero
APP1187 Manage Kubernetes Across Multiple Clouds Keith Lee, Eryn Muetzel
APP1205 What's New in vSphere Himanshu Singh, Ken Werneburg
APP1227 Bootiful Vaccine Scavenger: Tanzu Vanguards on Tanzu Application Service Brian Chang, Jonathan Regehr, Greg Meyer, Paul Pelafas
APP1279 Leading Retailer IT Enables New Capabilities With Modern Application Architecture in the Edge Dr. Ralf Ploetzke, Jarek Matschey, Heiko Onnebrink, Tim Lapawa
APP1299 Introducing Cloud Native Runtimes for VMware Tanzu Parul Kothari
APP1308 Observability for Modern Application and Kubernetes Environments Chris Todd, Scott Rogers, Scott Kelly, Mary Chen
APP1319 Transforming Customer Experiences with VMware???s App Modernization Platform Moin Tavargere, Pankaj Purwar, Manas Singh
APP1412 Automate DevOps in a Cloud Native Way with VMware Tanzu Lino Telera, Manuel Coppotelli
APP1436 Deep Dive: Treating Security Like a Product Alex Barbato, Hannah Hunt
APP1437 Succeed with Agile Software Development in the Enterprise Jen Handler, Becki Hyde
APP1445 DevOps Metrics for Technical, Business and Culture Transformation Michael Cot??
APP1482 Explore New VMware Tanzu Frontiers with Tanzu Community Edition Steven Wong, Joshua Rosso, Scott Brandhuber, Duffie Cooley
APP1564 The Future of VM Provisioning ??? Enabling VM Lifecycle Through Kubernetes Myles Gray, Nikitha Suryadevara
APP1611 The SaltStack Story: Wins, Mistakes, Struggles and Triumphs Thomas Hatch
APP1718 A Guide to vSphere with VMware Tanzu: Day 2 Operations for the VI Admin Simon Conyard, Dean Lewis
APP1772 FedEx Services Case Study: Build Fast and Repeatable Replatforming of Java Applications to PaaS Rohit Bajaj, Kirthi Vadrevu
APP1781 Service Mesh???Driven DevSecOps for Web3 Distributed Ledger Technologies ramki krishnan, Sergio Pozo
APP1804 Intro to VMware Tanzu Advanced: Speed the Delivery of Modern Apps at Scale Megan Bruce, Eryn Muetzel
APP1842 DevSecOps for Infrastructure ??? Adopting DevOps Practices for vSphere Admins Lefteris Marakas, Sam McGeown
APP1889 Digital Bank on VMware Cloud Across Multi-Cloud Bakshana Ogra, Pankaj Arora, Pallav Kulshrestha
APP1980 Modernize Infrastructure with S3-Compatible Object Storage on VMware HCI Peter Flecha, Ugur Tigli, Neil Stobart
APP1994 The Future of Modern Applications and API Security Bryn Worgan, Pere Monclus, James Watters
APP1999 Modernize Windows Apps: Introduction to Windows Containers on Kubernetes Stuart Preston
APP2063 Deep Dive on vSphere with Tanzu Updates Karthik Balachandran
APP2109 Steps to Implementing a More Secure Software Supply Chain in VMware Tanzu Adam Dawson, Tiffany Jordan
APP2170 Tanzu and NVIDIA AI deliver AI-Ready Enterprise Platform Erik Bohnhorst, Disha Chopra
APP2183 Introduction to Kubernetes for the vSphere Admin Boskey Savla
APP2285 Bridge the Lab-to-Prod Gap for Kubernetes with Modern App Connectivity Susan Wu, Lei Yang
APP2313 Stop Container Abuse Now Dormain Drewitz
APP2413 Accelerate Java Application Modernization with Azure Spring Cloud Adib Saikali, Asir Selvasingh
APP2454 Cloud Infrastructure Transformation with VMware Tanzu Basic and Tanzu Standard Ning Ge, Donna Lee
APP2479 Introducing VMware Tanzu Application Platform: A New Developer Experience Valentina Alaria
APP2482 A Developer-Oriented Application Platform Works Better for Ops, Too Ben Hale, Zach Robinson
APP2483 Speed the Path to Production with Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu Jurgen Leschner
APP2643 Running Microservices With Tanzu Data Services at Scale on Kubernetes Gregory Green
APP2648 Implement Observability for Kubernetes Clusters and Workloads in Minutes Harmen Van der Linde, Scott Kelly
APP2654 Quickly Build and Deliver Next-Gen Apps Using VMware and Partner Solutions Kamala Dasika
APP2655 Why Adopt Containers and Kubernetes in Your Organization Eddie Dinel, Anu Srinivasa
APP2763S VMware and Dell EMC ObjectScale: Deploying software-Defined Object Storage Tony Yakovich, Lawrence Chiu
APP2830S IDC Joins Veritas to Discuss Modern Data Protection from VMs to Containers Matt Eastwood, Anthony Cusimano, Doug Matthews
APP2836S Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS Eugene Yu, Robert Rodriguez
APP2837S VMware Cloud on AWS for the Financial Services Industry Rima Olinger
APP2838S Best Practices for Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with VMware Cloud on AWS Aarthi Raju
APP2839S Supercharge VMware Cloud on AWS Workloads with Native AWS Services Samir Kadoo, Hadi Nejatian
APP2855S Cloud Native: Maximize Microservices Architecture with Intel Optimizations Joe Carvalho, Saidulu Aldas, Manish Chugtu, Sakari Poussa
APP2889S Run Production Apps in VMware Tanzu with Portworx Data Services Cody Hosterman, Jon Owings, Kyle Grossmiller
APP2907S VMware and AMD: Solving Our Customers??? Most Challenging Problems Robert Gomer, Richard Brunner, Lee Caswell, David Dunn, John Morris
APP3033S Sleep Better at Night Knowing You Are Prepared for Disaster Jon Hildebrand, Chris Colotti
APP3038S Journey to Business Modernization: A Technology Story Ben Hinkle, Dana Callear
APP3060S Automating vCenter 7 Infrastructure using Ansible Abhijeet Kasurde
APP3112S Git Down with Declarative: Define a Data Center as Code with VMware Tanzu chase christensen, Omid Eghaneyan, Kevin Breit
APP3115S Accelerate Spring Apps to Cloud: Azure Spring Cloud Customer Discussion Adib Saikali, Asir Selvasingh, Georg Deschler, Devon Yost, Dhiren Shah
APP3178S Modernize Your Digital Core To Accelerate Your Business Outcomes Stephen Kelly
APP3211S Too Much of a Good Thing: Navigating Modern Apps and Cloud Platform Solutions Mike Koleno
APP3242S Employing Memory Tiering to Optimize the Modern Application Infrastructure Flavio Fomin, Allison Goodman
APP3279S Deloitte's Architecture of The Future Drives App & Infrastructure Evolution Claire McPherson, Sachin Ohal
APP3283 Voices of VMworld: Why Even DevOp? Dr. Nicole Forsgren
APP3285S Hybrid Cloud Enablement for Migration and Modernization Claire McPherson, Patrick Herman, Shashi Kaligotla
APP3998S Bring Cloud Services to Your Apps and Data Everywhere with HPE Greenlake Raj Mistry, Steve Showalter
EUS1222 How Disruptive Technologies Deliver a New Balance of Power in Defense michael crowley, Robert Ames
EUS3184S What???s New with Samsung Knox & VMware Workspace ONE? Kristina De Nike, Soon Kim, Gurvesh Bhutiani, Eric Stillman, Kenny Takahashi
MCL1072 Faster to the Future: Accelerating Innovation in Financial Services Mitesh Pancholy, Felicia Schwartz
MCL1257 Cloud Native Fundamentals: Containers and Kubernetes 101 for the VI Admin Alexander Ullah, Ulrich Hoelscher
MCL2833S Untangle the Kubernetes and Data Conundrum with Veeam Michael Cade
MCL2850S Running VMware Cloud Workloads at All the Right Locations Pavan Pothuri, John Cooper, Alison Mark
MCL2851S Cumulus SAP: Large SAP HANA Instances for the Hybrid Cloud Erik Rieger, Trick Hartman
MCL3030S Empower Business in Asia with Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution Hao Lin, Tony Zhang, Selina Yuan
MCL3032S Agile Digital Transformation with Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem Featuring VMware Duncan Hewett, Lancelot Guo
MCL3061S Optimize Control and Efficiency of Your Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environment James Bion, Michael Nelson
MCL3113S Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Efficient Service Delivery Mark Vaughn, Matthew Ritchart
MCL3150S Kubernetes for VI Admins ??? Bridging vSphere Infrastructure to DevOps Jose Perez, Henry Chu
MCL3164S Defend and Protect Your Data - From Edge to Cloud with HPE GreenLake Vinay Jonnakuti, John Blumenthal, Chris Snell
NET1306 Consuming Advanced Load Balancer Services from Cloud Providers Satish Katpally
NET1787 Deliver Scalable Web Application Security with Software-Defined WAF Christian Treutler, James Talbot
NET1791 Get the Most Out of VMware NSX Data Center with Advanced Load Balancing Dan Watson
NET1795 Migrating to the Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS: What About Load Balancing? Oisin Murphy, Nicolas Bayle, Matthew Karnowski
NET1796 App Owners Say the App Is Slow and the Network Is to Blame. What Do You Do? Nathan McMahon
NET2147 NPCI Delivers Critical Financial Applications with VMware Surya Singh, Abhinav Modi
NET2166 A Path to Production Ready Kubernetes with Ingress Services Bhushan Pai
NET2609 Modern Kubernetes Apps, Part 2: Demos of Key Use Cases Manish Chugtu, Roberto Mari
NET2695 How VMware IT Secures Users and Apps, Improves Performance and Productivity Swapnil Hendre, Preethy Gopalakrishnan
SEC2591 Introduction to Better Securing Workloads in AWS Ashwin Manekar
SEC2601 Cloud Workload Protection, Simplified Rob McGovern
SEC2602 Kubernetes Security Posture Management Shemer Schwarz
SEC3062S Understanding the Security Landscape of Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu Anand Parulkar, Mahesh Bandkar
VI3068S The Present and Future of Enterprise AI Baker Hull, Robert Daigle, Chris Jones
VI3185S Mobile, Edge, AI, & Security: Evolution of the Samsung VMware Partnership Muneyb Minhazuddin, Gurvesh Bhutiani, Aamir Siddiqi


Session Title Speakers
EDG1158 Deliver Better Remote Access with VMware SASE Platform Chris Le
EDG1168 Help Protect Anywhere Workforce with VMware Cloud Web Security Shefali Chinni, Jeff Bradbury, Karl Brown
EDG1172 AIOps for SASE: Self-Healing Networks with VMware Edge Network Intelligence Anand Srinivas, Wendy Brown
EDG1294 Deploying VMs and Kubernetes with VMware Cloud Foundation at the Edge Arif Altalib, Rick Walsworth
EDG1325 Are Attackers Using Your Infrastructure Against You? Trust Nothing. Mark Guntrip, Nick Edwards
EDG1345 Extend SD-WAN Visibility and Analytics with vRealize Network Insight Matt Just, Amarnath pallampati
EDG1381 How to Accelerate the 5G Journey with VMware CI/CD Solutions Weiqing Wu, Libby Shen
EDG1386 Enable the Convergent Telco Edge to Deliver Multiple Edge AI Apps Karthik Krishna, Joao Gomes
EDG1477 Better Secure and Optimize Your Network to Work from Anywhere Swapnil Hendre, John Drummond
EDG1515 NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T: Strategies to Make the Move Jayson Block
EDG1647 VMware SASE: What???s New and What???s Next Craig Connors
EDG1699 VMware SD-WAN 101 and Federal Use Cases Stephen Lynn, Torsha Banerjee
EDG1881 Accelerate Open RAN Deployments with Validated Solutions Stephen Spellicy, Sandro Tavares, John Baker
EDG1935 A Tour of the Heart of the 5G Network with Nokia and VMware Ninad Desai, Sanjay Wadhwa
EDG1946 Next-Gen Services for Business Model Innovation, New Revenue Opportunities Vijay Kanchi, Mahesh Seshadri, Hillol Roy
EDG1965 How Healthcare Is More Securely Delivering Better Patient Experiences Sultan Dawood
EDG2081 A Case for Deploying an Elastic CDN Solution on VMware Telco Cloud Platform Karthik Krishna, Nehal Mehta, Xavier Leclercq
EDG2123 Peer Over the Edge ??? The Future of Edge Computing Muneyb Minhazuddin, Pierluca Chiodelli, Matt Wakefield
EDG2181 How Edge Cloud Lets Telcos Reinvent Their Role in Creating a New Internet Karthik Krishna, Andy Corston-Petrie, Paul Colgan, Jos?? Domingos
EDG2202 The Network of the Possible moshe lavi, idan green
EDG2213 Rogers: Driving 5G Core Network Evolution with VMware Dharma Rajan, Stefan Andrieux, Bryce Mitchell
EDG2325 Containerized Applications at the Edge Using VMware Tanzu and SASE Kishan Ramaswamy, Tasha Drew, William McDonald, Erol Aygar, Ryan Loney
EDG2425 SK Telecom: The Road to the World's First 5G MEC Platform Vinod Joseph, Sangho Shin
EDG2516 BT Global CEO: How Modern Infrastructure Delivers Exceptional Experiences Sanjay Uppal, Bas Burger
EDG2593 Why Edge Is the Next Evolution of Cloud Muneyb Minhazuddin, Charles Cockshoot, Said Ouissal
EDG2594 Edge Computing Will be the Fastest Monetizing Service for CSPs Muneyb Minhazuddin, Emilio Jose Moreno Escobosa, Hisakazu Tsuboya
EDG2595 Dish is Empowering Limitless 5G Innovation in a Cloud Native World Caroline Chan, Sachin Katti, Marc Rouanne
EDG2599 The Future of Network Is Here, and It Is Open RAN Sachin Katti, Daniele Franceschini, Francisco Martin
EDG2600 A Catalyst for 5G Evolution: How the Ecosystem will be the Key to Success in 6G Kaniz Mahdi, Alex Choi, John Saw
EDG2665 U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Network Transformation with 5G Dharma Rajan
EDG2673 Best of Both Worlds ??? Hyperscalers and On-Premises Multi-Cloud for CSPs Ajay K Anthony, Vish Kalsi
EDG2707 VMware SASE: Up Your Game on App Performance and Network Security for the Distributed Workforce Ciaran Roche, Abe Ankumah
EDG2829 Building the Next Generation Communications and Infrastructure Technology Philip Kippen, Vishwamitra Nandlall, Kiminori Nakamura
EDG2845 Transforming Industry from the Edge Out Philip Kippen, Daniel Herb
EDG2856S A High-Performance vRAN Platform with VMware and Intel Uday Masurekar, Michael Beadle
EDG2982S Leading Edge: Centrally Managed Two-Node vSAN Clusters Joshua David, Gregory Pruett
EDG3007S Accelerating Digital Transformation: Embracing Business Disruption Will Eborall
EDG3040S Imagine Next-Generation Experiences with the Lumen Platform Jon Paul McLeary
EDG3052S Scale SASE with Lumen and VMware Craig Connors, Christopher Smith, Matthew Holway
MCL2840S Understand Hybrid Connectivity for VMware Cloud on AWS Schneider Larbi
NET1167 VMware Cloud Web Security: A Catalyst for Cloud Transformation Nitin Kumar Ananda
NET1173 Learn How Your Enterprise Gets the Edge with SASE Aamer Akhter
NET2389 Goodbye Compromises Everywhere. Hello Productivity Anywhere Susan Wu, Aamer Akhter
NET2433 VMware SD-WAN with Private Connectivity for Enterprise Ram Venketaramani, Kishan Ramaswamy
NET2696 Connect and Secure Distributed Applications and Users Joe Skorupa
NET2698 Never Trust: Building Zero Trust Networks Pere Monclus, Craig Connors, Mark Fournier
SEC3055S Modernize, Manage & Protect your Data Center & Cloud Resources Adrian Moir, Michael Gogos
SEC3251S Are We There Yet? Navigating to the Unmapped ???New Normal??? w/ VMware & IGEL Dan OFarrell, Carl Gersh, Ben Ward

End User Services

Session Title Speakers
EUS1137 Modernize Horizon with Horizon Cloud Service Richard Terlep, Chris Halstead
EUS1152 Deep Dive into Domain Join from Home Adarsh Kesari, Mike Nelson
EUS1216 Day 0 to Zero Trust ??? How TAMs Accelerate Anywhere Workspace Adoption Shaina dhir, Julius Lienemann
EUS1289 VDI Nerdfest 2021: Demos That Make Admins Drool Jon Towles, Johan Van Amersfoort
EUS1313 VMware Multi-Cloud Solutions: Driving Success for the Distributed Workforce TJ Vatsa, Vish Kalsi, Hilko Lantinga, Angela Ge
EUS1365 Empower Your Anywhere Workforce with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Sergey Belous, Ashka Vakil
EUS1478 Choose Your Cloud ??? Deploying Horizon in Multiple Public Clouds Robert Green, Angela Ge
EUS1492 What's New with VMware Horizon 8 Kristina De Nike, Cris Lau, Angela Ge
EUS1545 Architecting Horizon: The Official Reference Architecture Graeme Gordon, Hilko Lantinga
EUS1548 Disaster Recovery with Multi-Cloud Horizon Richard Terlep, Graeme Gordon
EUS1569 The Modern PC Lifecycle That Works from Anywhere Ian Haynes, Alex Castillo
EUS1581 Drop It Like It's Hot Reloaded: The Windows Dropship Session is Back Ameya Jambavalikar, Josh Burris
EUS1658 Deploy NVIDIA CloudXR with VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub Matt Coppinger, Greg Jones
EUS1720 Transforming the Frontline Worker experience with Workspace ONE Mitch Berk
EUS1723 How to Support a Remote Workforce with Workspace ONE Assist Pooja Chengappa, Christian Bell
EUS1724 From Pilot to Production How to Manage Linux Laptops and IoT Endpoints at Scale Jon Duncan
EUS1726 From Pilot to Production: IoT Endpoint Management Matt Coppinger, Sujin Park
EUS1727 Optimize Frontline Worker Productivity with Workspace ONE Launcher Matthew Paterno
EUS1768 Maximize Rugged Device Fleets with Android Enterprise and Workspace ONE David Dwyer
EUS1834 Blasting your way into the Extreme with VMware Horizon Matt Coppinger, Johan Van Amersfoort, Spencer Pitts
EUS1928 Device as a Service ??? Taking Modern Management Beyond Windows Brian Deyo
EUS1947 Modern Management ??? Windows 10 Onboarding from 0 to 100 Shaina dhir, Julius Lienemann
EUS1978 Work from Anywhere with a Mac and Workspace ONE Adam Matthews
EUS2062 Optimize Digital Workspace Management with a Centralized Admin Portal Anant Baderdinni
EUS2069 Digital Employee Experience: The Key to a Successful Anywhere Workspace Amit Sharma
EUS2072 What???s New with VMware App Volumes and VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Hilko Lantinga, Jeff Ulatoski
EUS2090 Superpower Your Digital Workspace with Workspace ONE Intelligence Hayden Davis, Benjamin Tedesco, Jeremy Fink, Will Denham
EUS2097 Don't Sweat. Automate: Automating Task Sequencing for Savvy Win Admins Nigitha Alugubelli, Brian Link
EUS2127 Centralize User Management Across End-User Computing Sascha Warno, Andrea Roberson
EUS2163 Freestyle Orchestrator: Top 5 Use Cases You Didn???t Think Were Possible Nigitha Alugubelli, Brian Link
EUS2179 Delightful Onboarding from Day 0 Orlando Diaz, Robert Coggins
EUS2180 Better Security, Automation, Experience and BC/DR Solutions for Remote Workforce TJ Vatsa, Ashka Vakil
EUS2192 Boost the Modern Workplace with Intel vPro and Workspace ONE Oscar Badillo, Gaurav Johari
EUS2265 VMware Workspace ONE and VMware SaaS App Management by BetterCloud Jason Roszak, Jim Brennan
EUS2276 Empower the Future of Work for a 130,000 Distributed Workforce Wissam Halabi, JP Glick
EUS2460 The Accidental VDI Admin: Carl Webster???s Analysis of Horizon 8 Brian Madden, Carl Webster
EUS2462 Virtual Desktop Migration: The Real Story Behind an Admin???s Move to Horizon Aamir Siddiqi, Joe Bajek
EUS2463 Starting with Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure: Tips and Tricks Michael Barnett, Shad Williams
EUS2468 The App Management Crusher: The Modern Approach For Faster VDI App Delivery Thomas Campbell, Jeff Ulatoski
EUS2473 Management Hackers: Modern Management Tips and Tricks for Windows Admins Josue Negron, Darren Weatherly
EUS2474 Window to Your Future: Evolving Role and Skills of The New Windows Admin Jared Cook, Matt Carling
EUS2476 More to Management Than MEM: Windows Experts Explore Cloud Native Realities Christopher Reed, Aditya Kunduri
EUS2491 Avoid a Rough Patch: Manage Windows Patching at Scale From The Cloud Ryan Kremkau
EUS2640 VMware Horizon: Cloud Services Update and a Sneak Peek at the Next Evolution Jerrid Cunniff, Vinod Jeyachandran, Shikha Mittal, Jeff Averbeck, Joseph Balsamo
EUS2674 Zero Trust Based Alternatives to a Legacy VPN Rahul Parwani, Martin Kniffin
EUS2675 Important Concepts from Apple Announcements and Updates Paul Mounkes, Joy o
EUS2680 Workspace ONE and Horizon ??? Better Together Joshua Spencer
EUS2682 Infrastructure for Success: The Official Workspace ONE Reference Architecture Justin Sheets, Sascha Warno
EUS2683 What???s New in UEM for Mobile Platforms Roger Deane, Kevin Murray, Christopher Burns
EUS2769 The Anywhere Workspace: Workspace ONE and Horizon Cloud for Cloud Providers O'Brien Merrill, Rob Seemann, Duane Barnes, Maricela Esmeralda
EUS2789S Enabling Hybrid Workspaces with NVIDIA and VMware Varun Nanda Kumar, Anirban Chakraborty
EUS2844S NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise on Virtualized and Bare-Metal Environments Andy Ju
EUS3029S Support the Hybrid Workforce with Videoconferencing Using Zoom and VMware Pat Jensen
EUS3056 Straight from the Source: Horizon Cloud & Azure Virtual Desktop Success Colby Mooney, Adam Whitlatch
EUS3057S Top 5 End-User Challenges and How ControlUp Can Help You Solve Them Trentent Tye, Tom Fenton
EUS3067 Straight from the Source: Horizon Cloud & Azure Virtual Desktop Success Vernon Lihou, Spencer Pitts, Tom Hickling, Toby Brown
EUS3090S Modernize Your VDI with Azure Virtual Desktop and Horizon Cloud Jerrid Cunniff, Gabe Knuth, Pieter Wigleven
EUS3107 Nerd Tours: A Tech Deep Dive of the VDI NerdFest 2021 Extravaganza Jon Towles, Johan Van Amersfoort
EUS3120S Scalable and Secure Cisco UCS X Series VDI Solutions for VMware Horizon Chris O'Brien, Danny Hanson, John McAbel
EUS3139S Keep remote work secure and accessible with VMware and Chrome OS Rob Beard
MCL1692 Justify Your IT Plans ??? Calculate Tangible and Intangible Benefits Norman Dee
MCL2699 Ready for the Gaia-X revolution? Let???s talk about the acceleration of the European data-driven economy Joachim Murat, Frederic Malicki, laurent allard, Francesco Bonfiglio
SEC2660 How VMware IT Rapidly Deployed a Secure Work-from-Anywhere Architecture Craig Savage
SEC3059S Solving for Security and User Experience in a Hybrid Work World Benjamin Israelite

Inspire Change

Session Title Speakers
IC1017 How to Master Engagement with Your Audience in a Remote World Caio Oliveira, Anderson Duboc, Thiago Valcesia
IC1067 Reduce the Carbon Footprint by Moving Your Workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS Robert Riemer, Heiko Dinger
IC1113 Build an Inclusive Talent Pipeline: From New College Graduate to Future CEO Kelby Mahoney, Sean Connolly
IC1351 Any App, Any Cloud, Any Device Is Not Enough ??? We Need to Add Any User Sheri Byrne-Haber
IC1413 How Technology Can Protect Businesses and Be a Force for Good Marie Moberg, Anna Borgstr??m
IC1476 The Tweet That Launched a Fleet of Inclusive Language at VMware Kimberly Delgado (she/her), Vincent McNeeley (He/Him), Em Turner, Kate Wilkinson (she/her)
IC1484 Achieving Happiness: The Quest for Something New Amanda Blevins, Steve Athanas
IC1494 Bridging the Gap: How VMware Helps Veterans Transition from the Military Miles Tiglao, James Brewer, Chris Westbrook
IC1582 Intersectional Learning to Solve Problems in a Time-Constrained Environment Gubbi Srivatsa Sharma
IC1924 Connect Humanity ??? Broadband for All Jessamine Chin, Stephen Spellicy, Jochai Ben-Avie, Michel Castaldelli
IC2217 Data Center Sustainability Strategies: A Win for Your Budget and the Planet Joe Baguley, Nicola Peill-Moelter
IC2254 From Customer, to Partner, to VMware - I Did It and You Can Too! Michael Fleisher
IC2257 Support Carbon-Neutral Growth with Sustainable Data Centers Varghese Philipose, Tarakeshwar Prasad, Abdulrahman Al Tenaiji
IC2685 Empower Yourself with Simpler, Faster Experiences Tailored to Your Needs Meenu Agarwal, Mohanad Alderaan
IC2792 Sustainability as a Strategic Differentiator for Organizations Joe Baguley, Adrian Cockcroft
IC2794 Make Sustainable Choices for Product Innovation, Operations: What Can I Do? Joe Baguley, Adrian Cockcroft
IC2820S Discover How OVHcloud Sustainability Contributes Net Positive Value Nicola Peill-Moelter, Fran??ois St??rin, Jeremy Sintes
IC2826S In IT Together Steve Athanas
IC2827S Decoding VMUG Steve Athanas
IC3039S Retaining Diverse Talent: Fostering Development and Work-Critical Skills India Sylvester
IC3146 Voices of VMworld: Hear from Dr. Moogega Cooper Duncan Hewett, Dr. Moogega Cooper
IC3147 Voices of VMworld: Hear from Mick Ebeling Dormain Drewitz, Mick Ebeling
IC3311 Voices of VMworld: Peloton???s Robin Arz??n and VMware President, Sumit Dhawan Sumit Dhawan, Robin Arz??n
IC3417 Voices of VMworld: A Conversation with Sama's Wendy Gonzalez and VMware's Nicola Acutt Nicola Acutt, Wendy Gonzalez
MCL2340 VMware Zero Carbon Committed as a Cloud Provider Differentiator for Growth Nicola Acutt, Brian Janous, CHRISTOPHER TALBOTT, Jennifer Ruch


Session Title Speakers
APP2831S Customer-Owned Data Centers Are Getting a Second Look; Learn Why from SAP Joseph Zarb
MCL1019 How to Win at Hybrid: Architecture Process in the Real World Hunter Lemperle, Adam Post
MCL1050 Automate VMware HCX Workload Migration to VMware Cloud on AWS Phoebe Kim, Asaf Blubshtein
MCL1115 A Guide to the Cloud Operating Model Martijn Baecke
MCL1195 Migrate Your VMware Workloads to the Cloud? Let Me Google That for You. Matt Elliott, Simon Long
MCL1230 Defense in Depth: A Layered Security Control in Google Cloud VMware Engine Ian Allie, Marcos Hernandez, RABIUL HASAN
MCL1247 Manage Public Cloud with CloudHealth and vRealize Tim George, Shrivatsa Upadhye
MCL1264 A Guide to Application Migration Nirvana Martijn Smit
MCL1268 Deliver the Same Infrastructure to a Multi-Cloud Deployment Francisco Hernandez
MCL1271 Advanced Troubleshooting with vRealize: Your "Go-To" Guide Matt Just, Tim George, Jay Dias, Kruthi Soma
MCL1277 A Big Update on vRealize Operations Matt Bradford, Peter Haagenson
MCL1301 Introducing Project Ensemble Tech Preview Jad El-Zein, Kameswaran Subramanian
MCL1360 Practical Multi-cloud with HCX Caio Oliveira, ANIKA SURI, Timothy Jones
MCL1379 Migrate and Modernize Applications with VMware Cloud on AWS ??? What???s New Matthew Dreyer, Sonali Desai
MCL1383 An Easy Way to Save on Capacity and Cost in Your VMware Cloud Supriya D.V., Soumya Kapoor
MCL1393 Build a Foundation for Multi-Cloud Success Matthew Morgan, Wei Wang
MCL1401 Project Monterey: Present, Future and Beyond Sudhanshu Jain, Simer Singh
MCL1453 Introducing VMware Project Capitola: Unbounding the 'Memory Bound??? Sudhanshu Jain, Praveen Vegulla
MCL1475 Breaking Down Cloud Connectivity Matt Elliott, Jason Mckenzie
MCL1517 Define Automation Reference Architectures That Deliver Business Value Chris Hampton, David Fidler
MCL1593 NSX Design and Operational Recommendations for VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu Kyle Gleed
MCL1594 5 Key Elements of an Effective Multi-Cloud Platform for Data and Analytics Jesus Enrique Corro Fuentes, Patryk Wolsza, Sabina Anja
MCL1635 Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices Mark Achtemichuk, Valentin Bondzio
MCL1648 Get Started with vSphere with Tanzu Michael Foley
MCL1666 How Northwestern Mutual Maximized Value with VMware Services Brandon Hahn, SHELLEY STRELOW
MCL1677 Customers Share Their Cloud-First Success Stories Dee-Dee Atta, Ken Drachnik
MCL1683 Disaggregating Storage and Compute with HCI Mesh: Why, When, and How John Nicholson, Peter Flecha
MCL1764 Google Cloud VMware Engine in Action: Migrate and Operate Nick Cassimatis, Matt Elliott, Simon Long
MCL1833 10 Things You Need to Know About Project Monterey Sudhanshu Jain, Niels Hagoort
MCL1853 60 Minutes of Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) 3rd Edition Frank Denneman
MCL1858 How Healthcare Leaders Are Solving the Cloud Dilemma Christopher Logan, Jens Koegler, Matthew Douglas, Andrew Thompson, JEFFREY THOMAS
MCL1895 Manage Windows Workloads Through vRealize Automation SaltStack Config Vincent Riccio, Dale Hassinger
MCL1899 Accelerate Your VDI Management with vRealize Operations Thomas Bryant, Cameron Fore
MCL1988 Journey to the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation Heath Johnson
MCL1997 Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on the VMware Hybrid Cloud David Welch, Allan Hirt
MCL2151 Design Principles: Cloud Architecture Design and Operations Andrea Siviero, Mitesh Pancholy
MCL2152 Cloud or On-Prem? BOTH ??? APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud Brings the Cloud to the Data Center Wei Wang, Sanjeevini Mittal
MCL2168 Building Modern, Scalable, Managed Private Cloud Infrastructure with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Manish Bhaskar, Ken Smith
MCL2176 Accelerate Cloud Transformation with DevOps Leveraging VMware Experts Chirag Patel, Harsha Suryanarayana
MCL2290 App Modernization Deep Dive with VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Tanzu William Lam
MCL2371 Enabling Security and Automation Services in VMware Cloud Foundation Fleets Ryan Johnson
MCL2373 AI-Ready Enterprise Platform on vSphere with Tanzu Bo Dong, Rajashekar Rao, Nikitha Suryadevara
MCL2384 Big Memory ??? An Industry Perspective on Customer Pain Points and Potential Solutions Sudhanshu Jain, Ryan Baxter, Muge Tanik, David Wang
MCL2404 Azure VMware Solution: Networking, Security in a Hybrid Cloud Environment Kurt Kokko, Amit Aneja
MCL2500 How vSphere Is Redefining Infrastructure For Running Apps In the Multi-Cloud Era Kit Colbert, Krish Prasad
MCL2667 How Global Healthcare Providers Drive New Digital Patient Experiences Christopher Logan, Armin de Greiff
MCL2734 Measure Project to Product and Cloud Outcomes with Flow Metrics Mik Kersten
MCL2761S Accelerate Time to Value by Financing Your VMware Solutions in SaaS Darren Fedorowicz
MCL2766S NVMe/TCP ??? The Future of Storage Connectivity Paul Turner, Ihab Tarazi
MCL2768S On-prem infrastructure-as-a-service: APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud Shivani Agarwal, Pankaj Bishnoi
MCL2787S Best Practices to Secure the Cloud Without Compromising Performance Ariel Kit
MCL2832S Quell Cloud Chaos: Data Protection for Any VMware Cloud Solution with Veeam Anthony Spiteri, David Hill
MCL2846S Cloud Everywhere Transformation: NVMe/TCP Operating Models on Data Center & Cloud Sudhanshu Jain, Vivek Sarathy, Kam Eshghi
MCL2857S Chasing Down the Next Bottleneck ??? Accelerating Your Hybrid Cloud John Hubbard, Flavio Fomin
MCL2858S No VM (or Container) Left Behind with Zerto 9 Gene Torres
MCL2874S Adopting Containers Through VMware Tanzu ??? The Benefits Luke Huckaba, Amine El Badaoui
MCL2876S A Public Cloud Experience Everywhere Demands Data Freedom Sanjay Patel, Michael Levy, Mike Rockwell, Nirmal Ranganathan
MCL2983S How Lenovo???s vRealize Integration Improves Management of vSAN Environments Shaw Zhang, Jeff Van Heuklon
MCL3019S How to Make VMware HCI Deployment and Management a Breeze Adrian Turner, Matthias Hehnen
MCL3020S Co-Innovation for SAP Applications Grana Nawabi, Michael Buchholz, Hendrik M??ller, Erik Rieger
MCL3025S Optimize Your VMware Hybrid Cloud in a Post-Pandemic Cloud Rush Niyaz Mohamed Thottavalappil Muhammedkutty, Rahul Sharma
MCL3077S Migrate and Modernize with Cloud Solutions from Microsoft Azure and VMware Maura Hameroff
MCL3078S Azure VMware Solution: Platform Deep Dive Ramprasad Gowrishankar
MCL3079S It???s a Hybrid World: Knowing How to Do Cloud Right for Your Enterprise Ilya Joel-Pitcher
MCL3082S Oracle Cloud: The Ideal Platform for VMware and a Multi-Cloud Journey Bev Crair
MCL3083S Enterprise Cloud Evolution with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Matthew Leonard, Max Romanenko
MCL3088S Modern Data Protection for a Remote Workforce and the Expanding Threatscape Sam Grover
MCL3104S HPE and VMware: A Customer-Focused Partnership for the as-a-Service World JOSHUA WILDA, Paul Turner, Krista Satterthwaite, Alexia Clements
MCL3169S Modernize to Public Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS: IaaS 2.0 managed by T-Systems Ralf Poggemann, Carsten Fraszczak
MCL3179S A Modern Business Platform to Accelerate Your Digital Journey Siddhaarth Pandey
MCL3180 Multi-Cloud Success Stories: A Conversation with S&P Global Betty Junod, Marcus Daley
MCL3181 Multi-Cloud Success Stories: A Conversation with SGB-SMIT Rory Choudhuri, Josef Schmid
MCL3183 Multi-Cloud Success Stories: A Conversation with UnionBank of the Philippines David Bate, Dennis Omila
MCL3195S Cost-effective Backup, Disaster Recovery and Cyber Recovery in IBM Cloud Sam Fischer, Debbie van Zyl
MCL3197S Optimizing NVIDIA GPU and Data Sharing for AI on VMware Douglas O'Flaherty, Chris Jones
MCL3880S Making AI Accessible to Every Enterprise Krish Prasad, Manuvir Das
NET2420 Best Practices on Load Balancer Migrations from F5 to VMware Nathan McMahon
SEC3126S Best in Class Data Protection for Your VMware Workloads: What???s New with Rubrik? Kev Johnson
VI3273 3 Things the Pandemic Taught Us About Using Multi-Cloud Successfully David Linthicum
MCL1092 Return of Sovereign Cloud: Protecting Critical National, Corporate and Personal Data Patrick Verhoeven, Simon Hansford
MCL1140 Real-life Customer Examples on Designing Medical Record Systems for the Cloud Thomas Twyman, Mark Meulemans, Jeff Schroeder
MCL2408 Realizing Your Business Outcomes with VMware Cloud Universal Tim Hammill, Yoomi Hong
MCL3043S Respond, Adapt & Accelerate with VMware Future Ready Solutions Andrew Young
MCL3212 Run Business Critical Applications on VMware Cloud Don Sullivan, Andrew Nielsen
MCL3015S Smarter HCI: Intelligence, Automation and Proactive Monitoring for vSAN Joshua David, Mike McDermott
MCL3027S Secure Multitenancy with Cohesity and VMware Cloud Director Jon Hildebrand, Chris Colotti
MCL3076S Run VMware Natively on Azure with the Latest from Azure VMware Solution Narayan Bharadwaj, Brett Tanzer
MCL3110S Skip Architecting ??? Start Using Horizon with Expedient Enterprise Workspace Gabe Knuth, Ivo Murris, Anthony Jackman, AJ Kuftic
MCL1089 Streamline Oracle Workloads from On Premises to the VMware Hybrid Cloud Sudhir Balasubramanian, Ryan Kelly
MCL1359 Tales from the Field: VMware HCX Customer Success Story ??? Santander Mostafa Magdy, Leandro Nairn, Eduardo Mart??n de Sande
MCL2075 Strategy and Vision to Accelerate Cloud Provider and MSP Growth Satish Katpally
MCL3013S Solve 3 Key Multi-Cloud IT Challenges: Security, Cost and Data Protection Stephen Manley
MCL1579 The Cloud-Ready Data Center: Prepare for the Future of Computing Matt Elliott, Daniel Patterson
MCL2735 The Future of Local and Distributed Cloud with VMware and Dell Technologies Kit Colbert, Travis Vigil
MCL3142S Top Integration Considerations for Red Hat OpenShift and VMware Edward Whitty, Andrew Sullivan, Dean Lewis, Stu Miniman
MCL1645 Understand the True Value of Running a VMware SDDC on Azure Martin Hosken
MCL1707 Unleash the Power of Oracle Cloud Jeffrey Eberhard, Wei Wang
MCL3047S Turbocharge Your Cloud Transformation with Google Cloud VMware Engine Wade Holmes, Manoj Sharma
MCL1025 VMware Cloud Foundation Tips and Tricks from the Trenches Paudie O'Riordan, Dharmesh Bhatt
MCL1811 VMware Cloud on AWS: Architecture Deep Dive Eric Gray, Oleg Ulyanov
MCL2784S Visibility to Confidently Deliver App Performance in VMware Cloud on AWS Wayne Collins
MCL3196S Up to 70% TCO savings with SAP on IBM Cloud with VMware Solutions Dominic Uliano, Richard Lichtenstein, PANDIAN ATHIRAJAN
MCL1202 VMware DRaaS - Combine Two Services for Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans Jatin Jindal, Mike McLaughlin
MCL1421 VMware Cloud Partner Navigator Technical Deep Dive Subha Shankar, Tina Lam, Lode Vermeiren, Aditya Shanker
MCL2505 VMware???s Vision for Storage and Data in a Multi-Cloud World Vijay Ramachandran, Marc Fleischmann
MCL2738 VMware Friends Reunion on the Next Wave of Infrastructure Innovation Jerry Chen, Vittorio Viarengo, Bogomil Balkansky
MCL3222 VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts: Bring VMware Cloud to Your Data Center Narayan Bharadwaj, Steven Jones
MCL1084 VMware vSAN ??? Dynamic Volumes for Traditional and Modern Applications Duncan Epping, Cormac Hogan
MCL1654 vSAN Technical Deep Dive Junchi Zhang, Biswapati Bhattacharjee
MCL2448 vRealize Automation ??? Now and Into the Future Karl Fultz, Yujiang Sun
MCL3092S What Formula 1, Hosting and the Underwater World Have in Common Alexander Vierschrodt, Rainer Str??ter, Gary Foote
MCL1114 What's New in vRealize Cloud Management Taruna Gandhi, David Overbeek
MCL1741 What???s New with Azure VMware Solution: Migrate, Modernize Apps with Speed Eric Horschman, Joe Sarabia
MCL2019 What???s New: VMware Skyline Proactive Intelligence Michelle Clopton, Kelcey Lemon
MCL2167 What???s New in VMware Cloud Director Simon Genzer, David Caplan
MCL3037S What???s New from NVIDIA and VMware for Enterprise AI Justin Boitano, Paul Turner
MCL2455 Why AI ??? Our Vision and Strategy for Managing Tomorrow???s Clouds Jad El-Zein, Swathi Prabhu
MCL2508 Why Hitting Refresh With HCI Should Be Your Modernization Strategy John Gilmartin, Pradeep Kumar
MCL3024S Zero to Kubernetes as a Service with NetApp and VMware Chris Reno, Chance Bingen


Session Title Speakers
MCL1347 vRealize Network Insight Overview and What's New Matt Just, Sesh Sayani, Sehjung Hah
NET1088 Apply SRE???s Golden Signals for Monitoring Toward Network Operations Dominic Foley, Jing Shi, Sonam Sinha
NET1211 NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center ??? Migration Approaches Rad Alzyoud, Samuel Kommu, Thomas Vigneron
NET1443 Deep Dive on Logical Routing in NSX-T Francois Tallet, Nicolas MICHEL
NET1480 Design NSX-T Data Center Over Cisco ACI Site and Multisite Paul Mancuso, derek wilson
NET1483 Deploy and Manage NSX-T via vCenter ??? A Single Console to Drive VMware SDDC Francois Tallet
NET1641 Desjardins Case Study: Realize the Value of Migrating from NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Andrew Voltmer, Jean-Philippe Tremblay
NET1646 Run Apps on Enterprise-Grade Network with NSX in a Multi-Cloud Environment Venky Deshpande, RABIUL HASAN
NET1700 Unify Network Identities with VMware Global Network Identities Jacob Rapp
NET1730 Better Secure Your Modern Applications with No Compromise on Speed and Agility Yves Fauser, Pratik Roychowdhury
NET1749 High Availability and Disaster Recovery Powered by NSX Federation Ben Sier, Dimitri Desmidt
NET1774 Integrate Application Delivery Capabilities with DevOps and CI/CD Processes Ashish Shah
NET1789 Enhance Data Center Network Design with NSX and VMware Cloud Foundation Nimish Desai, Gregory Smith
NET1995 Bring SaaS Simplicity to Support and Security with Pulse Cloud Services Rahul Phadke
NET2160 Automated Problem Resolution in Modern Networks Martijn Smit, Anand Srinivas, Deepa Seshadri
NET2185 Simplify Network Consumption and Automation for Day 1 and Day 2 Operations Karl Fultz, Puneet Chawla, Raymond de Jong
NET2209 Container Networking Runs Anywhere Kubernetes Runs ??? From On-Prem to Cloud Pooja Patel, Ashok Muthukrishnan
NET2271 Executing on the NSX-V to NSX-T Transition for VMware Cloud Providers Romain Decker, Satish Katpally
NET2354 What???s New in NSX-T Varun Santosh, Soumee Phatak
NET2388 Radically Simplifying Consumption of Networking and Security Chris McCain, shawn long
NET2392 Connecting Data Centers and Clouds with NSX VPN Raymond Budavari
NET2612 Modern Kubernetes Apps, Part 1: Connecting, Securing, Scaling Across Clouds Pere Monclus, James Kaufmann
NET2687 Better Secure Network Connectivity Between Public and Private Clouds: Panel Paul Dul, Andrew Hrycaj, Michael Lecuona, Steven Marsh
NET2690 Multi-Cloud Networking and Security with the Modern Network Venky Deshpande, Ben Fairclough, Ranga Rajagopalan
NET2692 A Modern Network: In-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud Connectivity as a Service Nikola Zarecki, Umesh Mahajan
NET2694 Bring Public Cloud Agility to Load Balancing in Any Environment Chandra Sekar, William Kao, Palak Desai
NET2697 Network Operations: Intelligence and Automation from Day 0 to Day 2 Ranga Rajagopalan, Michael W. Jensen
NET2783S Robust App Troubleshooting in NSX-T, VMware Cloud, Multi-Cloud Deployments Ray Krug
NET2790S Software-Defined, Hardware-Accelerated Data Center with Project Monterey Motti Beck
NET3081 Best Practices for Running Kubernetes in Production Arun Chandrasekaran
SEC1054 Troubleshooting and Operational Best Practices for the NSX Firewall John Krueger, Tim Burkard
SEC1583 End to End Network Security Architecture with VMware NSX Geoff Wilmington
SEC1786 Create Virtual Security Zones with NSX Firewall Ganapathi Bhat
SEC2393 Visualize Your Security Policy in Action with NSX Intelligence Raymond Budavari


Session Title Speakers
SEC1021 The Future of Security in Cloud Native Architecture Oren Penso, Ram Akuka
SEC1048 Anatomy of the VMware SOC Sandra Wenzel, Scott Alexander
SEC1120 Secure Multi-Cloud for the US Public Sector Patrick O'Brien, Keith Nakasone
SEC1174 Cloud Governance Journey of VMware Carbon Black Team Linas Tumasonis, Jim Sweeney
SEC1177 Ransomware Protection: Unlocking the Power of Security and Resiliency Kendra Kendall, Shansi Zhang, Belu de Arbelaiz
SEC1287 Mount a Robust Defense in Depth Strategy Against Ransomware Amanda Blevins, Rick McElroy
SEC1296 Cloud Workload Security and Protection on VMware Cloud Vish Kalsi, Thomas Sauerer, Rob McGovern
SEC1376 NSX Advanced Threat Prevention: Deep Dive Stijn Vanveerdeghem
SEC1385 Ransomware Resistance and Recovery with vSphere Security Bob Plankers, Ken Drori
SEC1397 Public Cloud Security That Works: Operationalizing Posture Management Nikhil Girdhar, Tai Tran
SEC1504 How to make DevSecOps Real with vRealize Automation and CloudHealth Secure State Karl Fultz, Hadar Freehling
SEC1629 Security Compliance Assessments at a Glance: No Assembly Required Joshua Hart, Darrick Williams
SEC1705 Zero Trust Architecture for the Data Center Jacob Rapp, Sergio Pozo
SEC1782 Practical Guide of Next-Generation Security Services for Cloud Providers Lode Vermeiren, Yuichi Ui
SEC1882 Network Detection and Response from NSX Intelligence Kausum Kumar
SEC1967 Secure the Software Supply Chain with Container Network Security Haim Helman, Manish Chugtu
SEC2008 Mapping NSX Firewall Controls to MITRE ATT&CK Framework Chad Skipper
SEC2014 VMware Threat Landscape Report: See What Evaded Perimeter Defenses Chad Skipper, Giovanni Vigna
SEC2077 Better Secure Your Supply Chain with Container Image Signing in VMware Tanzu Adam Dawson, Kavitha Krishnan
SEC2087 VMware Cloud on AWS: Get Connected Rapidly with Airtight Security, Featuring William Hill Ben Fairclough, Sandeep Sharma
SEC2103 The Last Line at VMware ??? The Security AI in Our Pocket Craig Savage, Dorian Mendez
SEC2390 The Time Is Now ??? Align Your Cybersecurity Needs and Objectives Martin Redler
SEC2445 Enterprise Multi-Cloud Security Chris McCain
SEC2582 How the vSphere Engineer Became a Critical Part of Modern Security Design for the City of Las Vegas Chris McCain, Allen Tyson
SEC2586 XDR: The Next Frontier Scott Lundgren, Christopher Kruegel
SEC2587 A Tale of Two Beacons: Detecting Implants at the Host and Network Levels Giovanni Vigna, Jared Myers
SEC2597 Innovations in Better Securing Modern Applications Dhruv Jain, Rick McElroy, Amit Jain
SEC2604 Network Security Made Easy: An Architectural View with Demonstrations Stijn Vanveerdeghem, Roberto Mari
SEC2607 Security Is Important, Said No Developer Ever Su Glasgo, Jeff Pollard
SEC2608 Innovations in Ransomware Defense for Today's Multi-Cloud Environments Ambika Kapur, Chad Skipper
SEC2615 Demystifying Security, Mobility, SASE Consumption with Anywhere Workspace TJ Vatsa, Elvis Vincent, Bill Simpson
SEC2642 Building your Modern SOC Toolset Bruce Deakyne, Ryan Fortress
SEC2645 Maximizing Intel with VMware Carbon Black Managed Detection and Response Lavine Oluoch
SEC2649 Let???s Talk Tech: Comprehensive Security from Endpoint to Network Andreano Lanusse
SEC2651 Secure End-User Computing Part 1 - VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Carbon Black John Kramer, Sunny Rissland
SEC2653 Secure End-User Computing Part 2 - VMware Horizon, NSX, and Carbon Black Geoff Wilmington
SEC2659 How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks: A Look into the Attack Landscape and Prevention with VMware Carbon Black Kendra Kendall
SEC2661 Trends and Innovations for Securing the Distributed Workforce Renu Upadhyay, Allen Lieberman, Karl Brown
SEC2662 How to Improve Your Endpoint Security and Simplify Your Workflows Justin Falck
SEC2663 Operationalizing VMware Carbon Black Cloud for the Modern SOC Bruce Deakyne, Ryan Fortress
SEC2664 How to Evolve Your SOC with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework Colton Terrace
SEC2666 Better Secure Remote Workers with VMware Carbon Black Cloud Elizabeth Schultheisz
SEC2668 Ground Truth: From Threat Research to Prevention James Alliband, Brian Baskin
SEC2688 A Modern Firewall For any Cloud and any Workload?? Vivek Bhandari, Christopher Kruegel
SEC2691 Operationalizing East-West Security at Scale with NSX Firewall?? Brian Heili, Srini Nimmagadda, Rakesh Inamdar
SEC2708 Security Posture Management: From Cloud to Kubernetes Nikhil Girdhar
SEC2709 Innovations in Securing Public Cloud Jason Needham
SEC2715 VMware on VMware: Zero Trust Security Story Kevin Berger, Craig Savage, Swapnil Hendre
SEC2733 A Practical Approach for End-to-End Zero Trust Shawn Bass, Pere Monclus, Scott Lundgren
SEC2764S Protect Your Virtual Infrastructure with Drastically Less Disruption Brian Reynolds
SEC2892S vSphere Locked Up by Ransomware ??? How to Make Bail (Asking for a Friend) Andrew Miller
SEC3026S Meeting the Future of Security with Factor-Based Authentication Paul Schrynemeeckers, Nelson Carreira, Jason Brown
SEC3051S Redefining Endpoint Security: Emerging Trends for Securing the Edge James Alliband, Derek Bourland, Beth Kohler
SEC3127S Orchestrate Disaster Recovery for VMware vSphere with Rubrik Carl Norwich, Jeff Inouye

Vision and Innovation

Session Title Speakers
EDG1535 Where Is the Path to 6G, and How Do We Get There? Kaniz Mahdi, Meryem Simsek, Sven van der Meer
EUS3072 Innovation Through Disruption: Fast Tracking Digitization Sarah Swatman, Friedrich Wetschnig
VI1086 The 3 M???s of a Service-Level Objective: Manifest, Measure, Maintain Emad Benjamin, Diwan Chandrabose, Deepa Kalani
VI1134 Analytics and AI in Action with VMware Tanzu Greenplum at Dell Technologies Ivan Novick, Darryl Smith
VI1142 Burst into HPC on demand with VMware and Dell Technologies Chris Gully, Satheesh Iyer
VI1184 From Idea to Impact: A Guide to Perpetual Innovation Michael Gandy
VI1191 VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail: Hybrid Cloud Workloads with Storage Georg Edelmann, Jason Marques
VI1201 Edge Services Observability for Zero Trust Network Access Partheeban Kandasamy, Arun Balaji Giridharan
VI1317 Distributed Machine Learning on VMware vSphere Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs Justin Murray, Mohan Potheri
VI1419 BMW and NVIDIA Design the Virtual Factory of the Future Using VMware Marc Kamradt, Sebastian Heim, Adolf Hohl
VI1448 Take a Modern Approach to Achieve Application Resiliency Emad Benjamin, Abhirama Mallela, Abhijit Patharkar
VI1454 A Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Solution for Enterprise HPC and AI/ML Na Zhang, Leo Reiter
VI1459 Best Practices for Running AI Workloads in VMs on VMware vSphere Justin Murray, Andrew Liu
VI1505 Cryptographic Agility: Preparing for Quantum Safety and Future Transition Mark Benson, David Ott, marc brotherson, Sean Huntley
VI1559 vSphere Admin???s Guide to Virtual AI Infrastructure for Modern Data Science Tyler Gates, Dan Skwara
VI1596 Upskill Your Workforce with Augmented and Virtual Reality and VMware Matt Coppinger, Alan Renouf
VI1742 Financial Services Modernization: How Blockchain Is Leading the Way Alim Karim
VI1797 Transform a Critical Capital Market Function Using Blockchain Horacio Barakat, Tanya Shastri
VI1801 Modernizing AI/ML and HPC Workloads Using VMware Infrastructure Ramesh Radhakrishnan
VI1817 How Data-Driven Insights Guide SaaS Transformation and Customer Success Denitsa Panova, Ranjani Mani, Deepu DS, Scott Hirsch
VI1821 Build a Self-Service Big Data Analytics Platform on VMware Rumen Barov, Stefan Pulov, Dragomir Nikolov
VI1860 Next-Generation Machine Learning with VMware: FML Tom Hite, Neeraj Arora, Edward Hicks
VI1865 Next-Generation SaltStack: What Idem Brings to SaltStack Tom Hite, Thomas Hatch
VI1987 How Duke University Implemented GPUaaS with vSphere Bitfusion for AI/ML James Brogan, Charley Kneifel
VI1992 A Glimpse into the Future of a Fully Digital Capital Market Gintaras Pelenis, Thomas Bohner
VI2078 Expand the Impact of AI in Financial Services John Ashley, Jennifer Manry
VI2105 xLabs ??? Co-Innovating Across Products, Partners and Customers Daniel Beveridge, Tasha Drew
VI2214 Trusted Execution Environments and More Secure Multi-cloud Applications Mark Benson, David Ott, Ye Li, John Manferdelli
VI2222 Got GPUs? Learn How to Set Up Self-Service Access for AI/ML Jeff Weiss, Chris Gully, Adam Tetelman, Bala Chandrasekaran
VI2263 Virtualized AI and HPC in Action at the University of Pisa Maurizio Davini, Chris Jones
VI2316 Differential Datalog: A Programming Language for Incremental Computation Ben Pfaff, Mihai Budiu, Leonid Ryzhyk
VI2334 Prepared for the New Memory Technology in Next Year???s Enterprise Servers? Richard Brunner, Gregory Pruett
VI2342 The Big Memory Transformation Marcos Aguilera
VI2458 NVIDIA and VMware - Unleashing AI for the Healthcare Enterprise Scott Carpenter, Brad Genereaux
VI2484 Edge Computing in the VMware Office of the CTO: Innovations on the Horizon Chris Wolf
VI3148 Voices of VMworld: Fireside Chat with Michael J. Fox and VMware CMO Carol Carpenter Michael J. Fox, Carol Carpenter
VI3288 Voices of VMworld: Satya Nadella, Microsoft Chairman and CEO and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram Raghu Raghuram, Satya Nadella
VI3402 Voices of VMworld: Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud Chief Executive Officer and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram Raghu Raghuram, Thomas Kurian
VI3403 Voices of VMworld: Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO, IBM and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram Raghu Raghuram, Arvind Krishna
VI3404 Voices of VMworld: Lancelot Guo, Vice President of Alibaba Group, and President, Ecosystem and Sales Operations, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram Raghu Raghuram, Lancelot Guo
VI3405 Voices of VMworld: Adam Selipsky, Amazon Web Services Chief Executive Officer and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram Raghu Raghuram, Adam Selipsky
VI3406 Voices of VMworld: Larry Ellison, Oracle Executive Chairman & CTO and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram Raghu Raghuram, Larry Ellison
VI3450 Voices of VMworld: Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Operating Officer, Dell and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram Raghu Raghuram
VI3565 Voices of VMworld: A Conversation with Will Smith and Sumit Dhawan Will Smith
VI3817 Customer Perspective: Strategic Operating Principles and the Future of Technology at FedEx Matt Lum, Rob Carter

VMware Code

Session Title Speakers
CODE2739 vRO 8.x - How to Work With the Multiple Scripting Languages Support Sajal Debnath
CODE2740 Integrated UI Experience for 3rd Party vSphere Solutions Vladimir Velikov
CODE2741 NSX-T and Infrastructure as Code Nicolas Michel
CODE2742 Tales from the Trenches - Real-World VMware Cloud on AWS Migrations Patrick Kremer, Stephen Barron
CODE2743 Antrea and NSX-T update for Container Networking Tuan Nguyen
CODE2744 Loop, Swoop and Pull - PowerCLI Will be as Easy as Tying Your Shoes! Justin Sider
CODE2745 Modern vSphere Monitoring Using InfluxDB, Telegraf, and Grafana Jorge de la Cruz
CODE2746 Networking and Security of Modern Apps with NSX-T and Openshift Madhukar Krishnarao
CODE2747 Managing your Horizon Environment Using the Python Module for Horizon Wouter Kursten
CODE2748 Rapid Application Development Mukund Yadav, Souvik Mondal
CODE2749 Adding Custom Logic to TKG Cluster Deployment Scott Rosenberg
CODE2751 Kickstart Automating vRealize Network Insight with the Toolkit Martijn Smit
CODE2752 Place Your Cluster in a Desired State Ivaylo Ivanov
CODE2753 vSphere Mobile Client - Access vSphere Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Tihomir Mateev
CODE2755 Live Coding: Terraforming Your vSphere Environment Kyle Ruddy
CODE2756 Build and Publish a PowerShell Module to the PowerShell Gallery David Stamen
CODE2757 Debugging Code on Kubernetes Mark Foley, Sharmyn Kayani
CODE2758 Pitfalls of Infrastructure as Code (And How to Avoid Them!) Tim Davis
CODE2759 Testing Tanzu on the Desktop Michael Roy, Roger Klorese
CODE2760 ECMAScript2020 in vRealize Orchestrator Mayank Goyal
CODE2762 DIY Deployment of Event-Driven Automation in vSphere Environments Robert Guske
CODE2771 Demystify Cloud Disaster Recovery to Build Resilient Environment Shwetha Lakshman Rao, Ranjani Swaminathan, Ramya Victor
CODE2772 Safely Application Deployment From Dream to Reality Rachid Zarouali
CODE2773 VEBA Revolutions - Unleashing the Power of Event-Driven Automation Michael Gasch, William Lam
CODE2778 Talk Nerdy to Me, Using Python to Create VMs with vGPUs for AI Workloads Tony Foster
CODE2780 The State of the TKG Art Robert Kloosterhuis
CODE2781 Integrating IBM QRadar with Carbon Black Cloud Milen Rangelov
CODE2782 Automating Ransomware Remediation with the VMware Carbon Black Cloud SDK Alex Van Brunt, Emanuela Mitreva
CODE2788 Carvel 101: Streamline Your Kubernetes Workflow Cora Iberkleid
CODE2795 From vSphere Admin to Site Reliability Engineer - Where Do I Start? Michael Fleisher, Ryan Conley
CODE2796 The Cross-Platform SRE - No OS Left Behind! Michael Fleisher, Patrick Kremer
CODE2805 Pipelining Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters Dean Lewis, Sam McGeown
CODE2806 Automating HCX Migrations Bilal Ahmed, Dean Lewis
CODE2809 Integrating Backup Into Your GitOps CI/CD Pipeline Michael Cade


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