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micro:bit programs and a matching application for providing a quiz-voter-style service using micro:bits as the controls.


Download the chrome application now from the Google Chrome store.

Download the micro:bit hex files QuizMaster.hex and Quizzer.hex as a zip file from our microbit-docs page. Alternately, clone this git repository, and navigate to prebuilt.

How it Works

Quiz:bit utilises the micro:bit's radio and serial port connectivity to provide an almost wireless voting system.

  1. Flash any number of micro:bits with the Quizzer hex file - these will be for your voters.
  2. Flash one micro:bit with your Quizmaster hex file. This will act as a bridge between the desktop application and the other micro:bits.
  3. Launch any variant of the Quiz:bit application and wait it for it to detect your connected Quizmaster micro:bit.
  4. Edit your questions & answers.
  5. Click 'Start Vote'!

Once a question is received the Quizzer micro:bits will display a letter. Use the A and B buttons to cycle through the letter options and press them both simultaneously to lock in your answer.

Note: Windows Driver

MACOSX and Linux systems will be able to communicate with the Quizmaster micro:bit out of the box. Users with Windows systems (below Windows 10) will need to install the serial driver before the Quiz:bit app will be able to detect their micro:bit. Follow the instructions on this download page carefully. Your micro:bit (mbed) must be plugged in during installation.


For the C++ micro:bit programs, simply use the hex files provided under prebuilt, or take a look at setting up an offline-toolchain for the micro:bit with yotta.

For the web-apps you will need the latest version of NodeJS, npm and Grunt. Navigate to the web-app directory and type npm install to download the dependencies. Type grunt to build the source and grunt build-with-windows, grunt build-with-mac or grunt build-with-nwjs to build it with either (or both) nwjs applications. The resulting web-app/build folder will include all the files needed for a Chrome App. nwjs apps for Windows and MAC OSX will be found under web-app/nwjsBuilds.


NodeJS | Grunt | Chrome Apps | micro:bit

License & Copyright

"BBC" and "micro:bit" are trade marks of the BBC.

BBC Community Guidelines

Quiz:bit code is licensed under the MIT License (MIT).

Copyright (c) 2016 Lancaster University, UK.


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