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Presentation and demo app source for my vert.x talk at Dev Ignition, December 2013
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Vert.x - Bringing the Browser to the Cluster

DevIgnition conference, December 6 2013.

These are the slides and demo application used in my presentation at the DevIgnition conference. The presentation was created with Reveal.js. I usually view the presentation locally using the vert.x script in the presentation directory. You need to have Vert.x installed.

$ cd presentation
$ vertx run start.js 

Then browse to http://localhost:8000 to view the presentation slides.

To view the demo application, you should have at least version 2.1M2 of vert.x.

$ cd app
$ vertx run start.js -cluster -conf config.json

If you want to hack the election, run the chaos inducer as its own verticle.

$ vertx run src/clj/chaos.js -cluster -conf config.json
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