Example Node.js application showing circuit breaker funcitonality
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Elizabethan Insults App

A Circuit Breaker Example

This repository contains the code for a simple application which creates Elizabethan insults. There are three services.

  • The adjective service which exposes GET /api/adjective, returning a JSON object containing an antiquated adjective
  • The noun serivce which exposes GET /api/noun, returning a JSON object containing a colorfully descriptive noun
  • The insult service which exposes GET /api/insult, returning a JSON object containing an Elizabethan style insult composed of the aforementioned adjectives and nouns

The insult service also provides a simple HTTP front end at GET /.

Running the Application


Execute the localhost.sh script. It will install all of the dependencies and start each service on a separate port on the local system.

$ ./localhost.sh


This application should work on any current OpenShift instance. It has been developed and tested using minishift. Whatever the OpenShift instance is, you need to be logged in to deploy.

$ minishift profile set riviera-dev
$ minishift config set memory 4gb
$ minishift config set vm-driver virtualbox
$ minishift config set cpus 2
$ minishift config set image-caching true
$ minishift start
$ oc login -u developer

Then you can run the deploy.sh script.

$ ./deploy.sh

Each service uses the nodeshift CLI to deploy to OpenShift.