iptables modules based on degreaser's detection algorithm
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degreaser-iptables is a set of modules for the Linux xtables architecture that can detect and avoid network tarpits such as LaBrea.

The algorithm used is based the degreaser tarpit scanning tool.


degreaser-iptables uses the xtables-addons framework and can be added using the xa-download-more script included in the xtables-addons disribution.

  1. Download or clone the xtables-addons repository

     git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/xtables-addons/xtables-addons
  2. Change to the iptables-addons folder and add the degreaser-iptables package to the 'sources' file:

     cd xtables-addons
     echo 'http://www.cmand.org/degreaser' >> sources
  3. Run the xa-download-more script to download and merge the degreaser-iptables code in to your local git repository.

  4. Configure, compile, and install the xtables-addons package as follows:

     make install


degreaser-iptables contains two xtables modules useful in detecting and avoiding network tarpits. The first module is the 'notarpit' match module. This module matches packets (specifically SYN/ACKs) that are suspected tarpits. The 'RESET' target module simply resets the destination end of a TCP packet it receives. Together, these two modules can be used to detect and avoid network tarpits. For example:

iptables -A INPUT -m notarpit -j RESET

In this rule, if the local machine tries to establish a TCP connection with a remote host, and the remote host responds with a SYN/ACK that is consistent with a network tarpit, the application on the local machine will have its connection reset, thus avoiding getting stuck in the tarpit.


Using the degreaser-iptables modules as described above can significantly improve the performance of network scans that require transfer of some TCP data (such as banner grabbers).

In one test case, a /24 mostly filled with non-persistent mode LaBrea tarpits was scanned using nmap with the following options:

nmap -sV XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/24 -p 80

A normal scan without using degreaser-iptables completed in 2103 seconds. When using the degreaser-iptables modules, the same scan completed in only 45 seconds.