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XulRunner Uploader

This uploader uses pre-recorded scripts to automate statement uploads. For build and installation instructions, see INSTALL. There are two scripts provided to help run test it:

$ script/server

This script starts the application on Linux or Mac OS X (which needs a rake build:dev first) and tails the log.

$ script/console

This script starts an IRB session with some method_missing magic that lets you call into the running XulRunner. For example, getting the status of a running job:

>> job.status
=> {"completed"=>nil, "result"=>nil, "status"=>nil, "fid"=>"us-001069", "jobid"=>nil, "elapsed"=>1929}

Or to start a job:

>> job.start "fid"=>"us-001069", "creds"=>{"userId"=>"wamu-user", "password"=>"wamu-pass"}, "wesabe"=>{"username"=>"wesabe-user", "password"=>"wesabe-pass"}
=> nil


Rather than passing all that junk every time, you can store your credentials in individual files in the credentials directory at this level. For example:

$ cat credentials/wamu
  {"userId": "wamu-user",
   "password": "wamu-pass"},
 "fid": "us-001069",
 "wesabe": {
   "username": "wesabe-user",
   "password": "wesabe-pass"

And then starting a job for WaMu becomes:

>> job.start wamu
=> nil

To add your own credentials, just use the included generator:

$ script/generate credential us-001069 wamu

Which will create a JSON file at credentials/wamu for you to fill out.

Adding Your Own Player

To start adding support for a financial institution you can use the player generator:

$ script/generate player us-001069
  [ADDED] fi-scripts/us-001069.js
  [ADDED] fi-scripts/us-001069/login.js
  [ADDED] fi-scripts/us-001069/accounts.js

It will ask for your Wesabe username and password to get some information about the FI you identified with the Wesabe ID, using that to fill in the player script.

As long as you've created a credential file for your new player, trying it out should be just a matter of:

# terminal 1
$ script/server

# terminal 2
$ script/console
>> job.start wamu

It will only go to the login page, and may log errors in the server window (terminal 1), but it should provide a basis for you to build from.