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import struct
class StructField:
Descriptor representing a simple structure field
def __init__(self, format, offset):
self.format = format
self.offset = offset
def __get__(self, instance, cls):
if instance is None:
return self
r = struct.unpack_from(self.format, instance._buffer, self.offset)
return r[0] if len(r) == 1 else r
class StructureMeta(type):
Metaclass that automatically creates StructField descriptors
def __init__(self, clsname, bases, clsdict):
fields = getattr(self, '_fields_', [])
byte_order = ''
for format, fieldname in fields:
if isinstance(format, StructureMeta):
setattr(self, fieldname,
NestedStruct(fieldname, format, offset))
offset += format.struct_size
if format.startswith(('<', '>', '!', '@')):
byte_order = format[0]
format = format[1:]
format = byte_order + format
setattr(self, fieldname, StructField(format, offset))
offset += struct.calcsize(format)
setattr(self, 'struct_size', offset)
class Structure(metaclass=StructureMeta):
def __init__(self, bytedata):
def from_file(cls, f):
return cls(
class NestedStruct:
Descriptor representing a nested structure
def __init__(self, name, struct_type, offset): = name
self.struct_type = struct_type
self.offset = offset
def __get__(self, instance, cls):
if instance is None:
return self
data = instance._buffer[self.offset:self.offset+self.struct_type.struct_size]
result = self.struct_type(data)
#Save resulting structure back on instance to avoid
#further recomputation of this step
setattr(instance,, result)
return result
class SizedRecord:
def __init__(self, bytedata):
self._buffer = memoryview(bytedata)
def from_file(cls, f, size_fmt, includes_size=True):
sz_nbytes = struct.calcsize(size_fmt)
sz_bytes =
sz, = struct.unpack(size_fmt, sz_bytes)
buf = - includes_size * sz_nbytes)
return cls(buf)
def iter_as(self, code):
if isinstance(code, str):
s = struct.Struct(code)
for off in range(0, len(self._buffer), s.size):
yield s.unpack_from(self._buffer, off)
elif isinstance(code, StructureMeta):
size = code.struct_size
for off in range(0, len(self._buffer), size):
data = self._buffer[off:off+size]
yield code(data)
class Point(Structure):
_fields_ = [
('<d', 'x'),
('d', 'y')
class PolyHeader(Structure):
_fields_ = [
('<i', 'file_code'),
(Point, 'min'),#nested struct
(Point, 'max'),#nested struct
('i', 'num_polys')
f = open('polys.bin', 'rb')
phead = PolyHeader.from_file(f)
polydata = [SizedRecord.from_file(f, '<i') for n in range(phead.num_polys)]
for n,poly in enumerate(polydata):
print('Polygon', n)
for p in poly.iter_as('<dd'):
for n,poly in enumerate(polydata):
print('Polygon', n)
for p in poly.iter_as(Point):
print(p.x, p.y)
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