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A chording keyboard configuration
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Typemax (TMX) is a configuration strategy for single-hand chording keyboards (e.g. Twiddler) that have a number of keys that is less than the number of letters in the English alphabet. TMX maximizes typing speed by emphasizing efficent single character chord transitions (stride). TMX derived configurations can optionally use multi-character chords (MCC), but MCC are not required as part of the core typing layout. The design philosophy and explanation of all optimizations are outlined in basic layout design.

Pros Cons
High WPM without MCC Twiddler: Re-purposes mouse buttons as keys
Natural typing flow Twiddler: Thumb modifier keys currently don't work on mouse buttons keys
Intuitive to learn
Can customize with MCC


Note1: requires Twiddler firmware 15+


Demo of 76 WPM:

More demos and disussion of pros/cons of various typing tests:


TMX uses a three number version scheme major.minor.fix (similar to semantic versioning):

  • Major: incremented when a change occurs to the base layout. Users should expect that changes to the base layout will require significant retraining and will most likely result in downstream changes to other chords.
  • Minor: incremented when a change occurs to anything other than the base layout e.g. symbols, numbers, MCCs, etc that will require users to retrain.
  • Fix: incremented when a mistake in the config is corrected OR when new chords are added that don't impact existing chords. Users can safely upgrade to new fix versions without needing to retrain.
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