Lua codebase adding 100+ features to the online, multiplayer game Natural Selection 2. Some code in this repository interacts with code in the TGNS-Backend repository.
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Welcome to the TGNS open-source mods repository. TGNS is's well-known Natural Selection community. This repository houses most of the mods they use on their NS2 server, many of which are built atop Person8880's Shine Admin Mod.

Some of the more unique customizations on the TGNS game server include:

Captains: Start a Captains Game, like a pickup game/gather/dodgeball, wherein teams are picked one at a time by appointed team captains

WinOrLose: The losing team can put down their weapons to force a must-end-the-game timer on the winning team

TagLines: Players can set text announcements when they join the server

RookieThrottle: Keeps the number of concurrent rookies low, so regulars can most effectively help them learn the game

Other offerings include: Admin Chat, distributing rookies to both teams during team random operations, admin notifications of player mutes, and more. Tactical Gamer's Natural Selection - Tactics and Mod Discussions forum welcomes "discussion about Natural Selection tactics, maps, and mods," and community members may request server mod changes there.

Connect to TGNS via Steam right away to find out what you're missing!