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This is a boilerplate project for starting a new browser-based application using a variety of tools including:

  • RequireJs / r.js
  • KnockoutJs
  • Jasmine
  • NodeJs
  • LessJs
  • JSLint
  • etc.

This repo uses Powershell and PSake as the build tool.

Running the Project

To immediately run the project use the run command from the root of the site:

> Run.cmd
Note: This batch file launches a web server and browser.

Alternatively, if you want to run the packaged & optimized version, you can execute the Psake powershell script located in the /scripts folder:

> .\psake run

TIP: for these powershell examples, if you DO NOT have Psake setup in your powershell profile, you can replace the ".\psake " syntax with this command syntax:

> scripts\psake.cmd default.ps1 <task name>

Building the Code

To build the code, you execute the Psake powershell script located in the /scripts folder:

> .\psake build

This will create a /dist folder and copy all files from the /client folder into the /dist/temp folder. Afterwards, it run all unit tests, transform all templates, and run code optimizers and stages the results to the /dist/staged folder.

To generate a deployable Package you use the following Psake powershell command:

> .\psake package

This command cleans and copies just the releasable bits to the /dist/output folder.

To generate a compressed Archive file for the package, you use the following Psake powershell command:

> .\psake archive

Publishing the Code

To publish the release package, you use the following Psake powershell command:

> .\psake push [targetpath]

This does a build and package then copies the results to the target path. The targetpath parameter is used to pass the fully qualified path where you want the package copied.

Developer Tips

If you are coding in this project, here are a few more commands that may be useful for you:


To check all js files within the /src/client folder for correctness, use the following command

> .\psake JSLint

To run JSLint manually for 1 file, use the following command (for node.js):

> .\vendor/node51.exe .\vendor/jslint/jslintnode.js {FilePath}
note: {FilePath} is the fully qualified path to the tested file


We use the LessCss tool to enable advanced CSS programming logic. See for details.

We use this tool by composing our .less files and then transoforming them into .css files. If you place your .less files within a folder named //less// then you can use the following Psake commands to automate compilation of these files.

Compile all .Less files into .Css:

> .\psake Less2Css

Automatically watch for changes in .Less files and auto-compile them:

> .\psake WatchLess

Stop watching changes in .Less files:

> .\psake StopWatchLess

Note: This command assumes you did not close your command window after calling WatchLess. Invoking StopWatchLess will not work if you change command windows or close the initial command window used with the WatchLess task.