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#About SlidePicker uses a canvas element to create a timeline graph that allows users to select data based on a timeline.

Slidepicker was born out of a need to visualize data on a timeline. It allows a developer to pass in an array of objects (they must contain a "timestamp" and "val" key). From there slidePicker will do the rest.

A live demo can be found here http://lanceingle.com/releases/jquery-slidePicker/demo.html

##Features It is completely timestamp format agnostic. So you can pass in epoch timestamps, MSSQL timestamps or you can pass in some rare form of unique identifiers that you have in a system. The only requirement is that the data is ordered how it best makes sense to you (slidePicker doesn't sort for the reason I just stated). Also, each data point has to have a unique "timestamp" (it is used as a key when searching is happening).

##Depends jQuery 1.5 + (I think..I used 1.8.2 in development)

##Usage var data = new Array(); for (var i = 1; i <= 100; i++) { data.push({ timestamp: i, // Some type of unique identifer MUST BE UNIQUE for each point val: Math.random() * 100}); // Nice random set betweeen 0-100 }; } $('#sliderDiv').slidePicker({data:data});


  • Confirm oldest version of jQuery that the plugin will work with.
  • Include a bucket sort (and others) to scale the data down when a huge dataset is passed into a small graph