Make sure traditional login still works. #24

lancejpollard opened this Issue Jul 14, 2010 · 3 comments

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Am I right in thinking that right now you can ONLY register / signin using external providers and not a locally stored username/password?

I have this use case where default Authlogic behaviour (no add-ons) is in place, but I'd like to make it so that users can, if they want, register/login with Facebook, Google etc etc. I think the OpenID add-on works that way.


I would like to know this too, will regular site username/password login still work?


Yeah I'm trying to solve this same problem. I have the basic authlogic user/password right now and I'd like to add this authlogic-connect gem.

The problem I'm having is that a new user record is created when an existing user logins in with facebook. Since oauth just returns with a token and key I'm unsure how to prevent this second record from being created.

I guess that after the second user is created we can discover the users email address from facebook then merge records. Does that sound reasonable?

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