"Offline access" privilege #31

howl9 opened this Issue Aug 14, 2010 · 0 comments

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The plugin has been helpful, thanks!

Two questions are:

  1. I tested to avoid requiring the "offline access" permission for Facebook Connect. I realize that the privilege is required so that Facebook will return a permanent access token, which is used in authlogic-connect to uniquely identity a Facebook user. I tested removing the "offline access" request with the authlogic-connet-rails2-example and it works fine by creating a new user record for every fresh login to Facebook. I wonder if we could (and how to) modify the plugin so that somewhere during the 'save' process, the application will check if a Facebook user has previously login (based on his email address) and return this record (instead of creating a new record). IMHO, the requested "offline access" privilege may not popular for end users.

  2. Can authlogic-connect logout a user 'from Facebook'?


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