symbolizing session keys make errors for flash #46

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pftg commented Nov 2, 2010

Hi we found that you symbolize keys of session, which make flash bad.

23: def auth_session
24: return nil unless auth_controller?
25: auth_controller.session.symbolize_keys!

Also after reviewing this method, I do not see where you use symbols, you use strings for compare:

27: if key.to_s =~ /^OpenID/

My solution is to remove 25 line.

My rails version is 2.3.10, where FlashNow use session["flash"].

With regards,

This issue is also happening in our application, we cannot simply convert all session/params keys to symbols. By converting the session keys to symbols, the flash hash does not work anymore.

I've just sent a pull request to fix the issue: viatropos#47

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