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Text Beautifier, Minifier, and Converter

What's it do?

SeeSaw was built to make it easier to learn from other people's code, to convert textile and markdown to html, and to convert html to haml. Now it does much more:

  • HTML to Textile, Markdown, HAML
  • Textile to HTML, HAML
  • Markdown to Textile, HTML, HAML
  • HAML to HTML, Textile, and Markdown
  • Javascript Beautification and Minification
  • CSS Beautification and Minification

How do I use it?

You can use it programmatically by making POST requests (below), or by using it at

The online version takes advantage of keyboard shortcuts to render text transformation with minimal effort. It's annoying to have to press "Submit" and reload a new page every time you convert. This way you can press 'left' and 'right', or 'tab' and everything changes in real-time.

Is there an API?

Yep. Make a POST request to with the following parameters: input (your text), input_format, and output_format. The response body will have your modified output.

Format options are:

  • input_format
    • html
    • textile
    • haml
    • markdown
    • sass
    • tlf
    • css
    • js
  • output_format
    • html
    • textile
    • haml
    • markdown
    • css
    • minified

Currently beautification is done through javascript as there weren't any available ruby scripts to prettify javascript or css that I could find (I'm running this on Heroku so I can't install Java or PHP apps). If you know of a server side beautifier, let me know.


  1. Add progress indicator
  2. Flash's Text Layout Framework to HTML
  3. XML and HTML pretty printer