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This is a reference implementation of Ubiquitously. I use this to share content to multiple places without retyping a thing. It requires a lot of resources and time per request because each service uses Mechanize to programmatically submit forms and sometimes this could be 4 or 5 pages to parse, plus a few redirects.

If you're brave and have cash, feel free to make this into a free service for autoposting everywhere (much much more than OnlyWire). You'd have to use delayed job and have a push server so a) there's no delay on the interface, and b) you're notified when the post is finally submitted. That's a lot more complicated than just processing the requests in one swoop and taking the non-scalable performance hit. Perfect for individual use, not good at all as a service. Maybe I'll do this if it works well.


# node.js
node node/server.js tmp/development.log
# redis
# resque
VERBOSE=1 QUEUE=* rake resque:work
# sinatra
ruby app.rb


  • Enque Post to Resque
  • Stream Posts
  • Redis and Resque, node.js calls resque and tells you what the status is.
  • If a post requires you to fill out a captcha, return JSON with the captcha url, and show it in a popup. Then re-submit the form, but without having to rebuild the form; i.e. the JSON should have everything Mechanize needs to submit the form.
  • Show which services you can post others' content to vs. your content
  • Iconize all the services
  • javascript plugin with realtime share stats for the user viewing the page