SPACEseEN is a JavaScript library to animate 3D scene or experiment with canvases
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SPACEseEN is a JavaScript experimental library to animate 2D or 3D scene on canvases.

Experimental version. Use on your own risk.

This README is for version: October 17, 2013. Version 0.0.86.

This project is client-JavaScript oriented.
PHP files are used only for development and deployment ( except debugging and capturing ).

F r a m e w o r k    s t r u c t u r e	 a t   a   g l a n c e

	There are two main parts: common and scenarios.
	Common is a kernel of framework and MIT licensed.
	Scenarios is a custom part and looks like:


	Subapps can have any license.
	The method of extending subapps is a folder-copy-paste.
	One can copy paste existing subapps and albums and modify them. Or, create own subapps.

	Some subapps are already bundled with github package.
	They are white-listed in .gitignore.


L a n d i n g

	scenarios/AlbumX/SubappY/		-	lands to subapp in dev. mode
	prod/AlbumX/SubappY/			-	lands to subapp in prod. mode

	The scenarios/intro/landing is a special subapp, it lists landing links to subapps bundled with github package:

		scenarios/intro/landing/		-	lands to list in dev. mode
		scenarios/intro/landing/?s_list	-	usually disables JavaScript 
		scenarios/prod/landing/			-	lands to list in prod. mode

	In development mode, landing requires server. Apache on Linux is sufficient.

D o w n l o a d

	git clone
	or download as a zip file.

F r a m e w o r k    c o m m o n    f i l e s

	spaceen/js/				JavaScript library
	spaceen/php_templater/  assembles html-response in development mode
	spaceen/dev/			development and debugging utilities 
	spaceen/dep/			deployer utilities
	spaceen/captuered/		loggin folder for debuggin in production or development mode
	spaceen/prod/			production version of scenarios/. Has no server-script. Standalone if dev/ and captured/ are not used.

S u b a p p    C o n f i g u r a t i o n

	spaceen/js/core/conf.js					-	default configuration
	spaceen/js/core/conf.js.doc.txt			-	configuration documentation
	scenarios/albumX/subappY/js/*			-	overrides default
	scenarios/albumX/subappY/index.php		-	configures assembly of html-request from templates and contents



	URL-query-string has maximum priority in overriding configurations

D e p l o y m e n t

	Requeres local server, PHP 5.3.2+, and Ruby. Currently works with Apache, Linux.

	deployer/			-	generates folder "prod"
	deployer/		-	generates folder "prod" and deploys it to remote host
	deployer/			-	zips up principal parts of framework
	deployer/			-	prepares .git for github deployment

C a p t u r i n g    d e b u g - l o g s    a n d    c a s t s

	Ctrl + G	saves graph.conf to disk
	Ctrl + g	shows graph.conf on screen
	Ctrl + e	captures canvas picture and saves if to disk

	Saves to spaceen/captured. If the server security permits, set "chmod 733 captured".

R e p l a y i n g    c a s t s	( This feature is suspended )

	Some subapps generate random animations.
	However, when their effectice conf.js is captured to a file, 
	animation can be replayed without randomization.

	To autoload captured config, put config.....js content into subapp-root/config.js/config.js
	Config cannot contain functions with closure. ( Why: JFON.js comments and readme ).

W e l c o m e    t o    S p a c e e n