A curated list of useful bioinformatics and computational biology tools, sorted by category.
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This list is far from being complete. If you have any software suggestions, fork this list and submit a pull request, or email me at lance.lafontaine92@gmail.com and I'll accredit you for your suggestions. Thanks!

Bioinformatics Tool List.

This repository contains a list of great bioinformatics and computational biology tools. These web and desktop programs are all free unless indicated otherwise, and are sorted by category. Please contribute by forking this list!

General-Purpose Resources and Databases.

Programming Libraries

Sequence Alignment Search Tool.

Vector Viewing, Editing and Annotating.

Single Sequence Editing and Analysis.

Multiple Sequence Alignment.

Phylogenetic Analysis.

Gene Identification, Genome Assembly, Comparative Genomics.

Analysis of Protein Functional Domains.

2D RNA Molecular Structure Modelling.

3D Protein Molecular Structure Modelling.

Protein Structure Prediction

Mass Spectrometry Software

Short Read Sequence Typing

Learning Resources.

Question and Answer (Q&A) Websites.


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