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CapRoomster is a web application that allows Concordia students to reserve a CAPSTONE room for their projects
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This is a project done within the context of the SOEN 343 and SOEN 344 courses at Concordia University.

This repository was received from another team and ultimately refactored, maintained, and added to.

CapRoomster is a web application that allows Concordia students to reserve a CAPSTONE room for their projects.

Installation and Development


See client-side README for further instructions.



  • Make sure you have Python 2.7 installed.
  • Setup a virtualenv if you don't want to install packages globally on your system.
  • pip2 install -r requirements.txt


  • python2 -B

Running automated tests

  • pytest


  • Install postgresql.
    • If on Linux, more instructions here.
  • Start your postgresql server.
  • Create a database called development.
  • Initialize the database with the bookMeDB.sql script.
  • IMPORTANT: Before running the application, run export postgres_password={your postgres password here}

Additional Information

Login Credentials

username password capstone
John pass false
Emily pass false
Rudy pass false
Jackie pass false
Mary pass true
Hans pass true

Team Members

SOEN 344 Team Members

Zhipeng Cai - choitwao
Adrianna Diaz - adriannadiaz
Lance Lafontaine - lancelafontaine
Arek Manoukian - arekmano
Taimoor Rana - Taimoorrana1
Lenz Petion - MonsieurPetion

SOEN 343 Team Members

Ahmad Hyjaz Loudin - @PuzzlePuzzling
Emir Bozer @emrbzr
Leo Yu @yleo
Nikolas De vigne Blanchet @ndvb
Mary Psaroudis @mary86

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