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Advent of code - Programming Christmas Puzzles

How to use

Puzzle inputs can be too long for console input, if the file is provided - save and move it to inputs/{year}/day{n}/, ex. inputs/2015/day1/ for Day 1 Puzzle Part 1. If the input file is not provided by the Advent of Code - you will be asked by solver to type in the input (ex. for Day 4 Puzzle Part 1).

To launch Puzzle Solver:

# or
make run

For all automation tasks I use Makefile. You can skip it entirely and just manually run commands from it. If you on Windows you can get make with mingw or cygwin (I use mingw while develop on windows machine).


Python 3.5 is required.

For development and testing you should install necessary dependence packages from requirements.txt. Virtual environment is recommended.

make update

To update requirements list:

make requirements


All tests are stored in the tests folder, unittest syntax is used. But feel free to use any test runner you like. I prefer pytest:

make test

Syntax Validation

Make sure pylint, pydocstyle, pycodestyle and mypy are installed (yes I love linters) and run:

make lint

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!