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Just another discordrb bot
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Bot invite Just a bot that's going to cause someone a lot of trouble.


  • help shows a list of all the commands available

  • ping Responds with pong

  • invite Invite R2Z2 to your channel

  • fish Apply directly to the forehead

  • lmgtfy Let me google that for you

  • roll Rolls a number of dice for you

  • queue shows what's in the music queue

  • repeat repeats current song

  • skip skips current song

  • yt searches youtube

  • musichelp gives help for how to use the music commands

  • clearqueue clears the music queue of either all songs or a specified song

  • leave Makes R2Z2 leave the music queue

  • join Makes R2Z2 join the voice channel

  • add adds music to the music queue

To Do

-Create !act which will perform an action on a specified user -Change behavior so that auto leave voice channel can be specified on a per server basis


Most of the music (%99) came form the Sapphirebot project where it was released under the MIT license. So if you enjoy R2 and want to thank someone for his music commands, please drop them a line!

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