Language Computing and Machine Learning Group at Peking University

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  1. SGM

    Sequence Generation Model for Multi-label Classification (COLING 2018)

    Python 207 43

  2. Chinese-Literature-NER-RE-Dataset

    A Discourse-Level Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Dataset for Chinese Literature Text

    123 41

  3. pkuseg-python

    pkuseg多领域中文分词工具; The pkuseg toolkit for Chinese word segmentation in various domains

    Python 3k 415

  4. Global-Encoding

    Global Encoding for Abstractive Summarization (ACL 2018)

    Python 99 23

  5. SU4MLC

    Code for the article "Semantic-Unit-Based Dilated Convolution for Multi-Label Text Classification" (EMNLP 2018)

    Python 94 20

  6. DPGAN

    Diversity-Promoting Generative Adversarial Network for Generating Informative and Diversified Text (EMNLP2018)

    Python 87 20