Global Encoding for Abstractive Summarization (ACL 2018)
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This is the code for our paper Global Encoding for Abstractive Summarization,


  • Ubuntu 16.0.4
  • Python 3.5
  • Pytorch 0.4.1
  • pyrouge

In order to use pyrouge, set rouge path with the line below:

pyrouge_set_rouge_path RELEASE-1.5.5/

It seems that some user have met problems with pyrouge, so I have updated the script, and users can put the directory "RELEASE-1.5.5" in your home directory and set rouge path to it.


python3 -load_data path_to_data -save_data path_to_store_data 

Remember to put the data into a folder and name them train.src, train.tgt, valid.src, valid.tgt, test.src and test.tgt, and make a new folder inside called data


python3 -log log_name -config config_yaml -gpus id


python3 -log log_name -config config_yaml -gpus id -restore checkpoint -mode eval


If you use this code for your research, please cite the paper this code is based on: Global Encoding for Abstractive Summarization:.

  title     = {Global Encoding for Abstractive Summarization},
  author    = {Junyang Lin and Xu Sun and Shuming Ma and Qi Su},
  booktitle = {{ACL} 2018},
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