CYHelper is an Objective-C library for iOS developers
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This project is not longer maintained.


CYHelper is an Objective-C library for iOS developer. It try to provides all the useful features of iOS and wrap them to be easy-to-use API.

What's new?


  • UIDevice category for platform infomation.

See More at


  • UIDevice category for platform infomation.
  • NSArray and NSSet utils: map, filter and reject with block, flattenArray.
  • Days with in era from date to date.
  • Easy to associcated objects.
  • Attach userinfo to UIAlertView, UIActionSheet, UIControl
  • Easy to post and observe notification to default notification center.
  • Easy to access subarray
  • Convert date to string with date format
  • JSON Serialization with NSData, NSString, NSDictionary
  • MD5 generation with NSData, NSString
  • Word Tokenization with string.
  • Singleton(sharedInstance Method) macro
  • Runtime print call stack
  • Check OS version, app version, device model
  • Check whether device is jail broken
  • Perform block after delay
  • Create UIColor With RGBHex
  • Easy to access x, y, centerY, centerX, width, height, right, bottom, origin and size of UIView.
  • Determind is iPhone or iPad
  • Remove all subviews of view
  • NSNumber simple calculation.


  • iOS 5.0 or later
  • support ARC


  • Use CocoaPods to install CYHelper.
  • Or simply drag CYHelper folder to your project, and import "CYHelper.h". Otherwise you can also add individual componet of CYHelper, just import corresponding head files.

API List

UIDevice+CYHardware.h (NEW)

- (NSString *)platform;
- (CYPlatformType)platformType;
- (NSString *)platformString;

UIAlertView + CYHelper.h

@property (strong, nonatomic) NSDictionary *userInfo;

UIActionView + CYHelper.h

@property (strong, nonatomic) NSDictionary *userInfo;

UIControl + CYHelper.h

@property (strong, nonatomic) NSDictionary *userInfo;

NSObject + AssociatedObjects.h

- (void)associateValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
- (void)atomicallyAssociateValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
- (void)associateCopyOfValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
- (void)atomicallyAssociateCopyOfValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
- (void)weaklyAssociateValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
- (id)associatedValueForKey:(const void *)key;
- (void)removeAllAssociatedObjects;
+ (void)associateValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
+ (void)atomicallyAssociateValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
+ (void)associateCopyOfValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
+ (void)atomicallyAssociateCopyOfValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
+ (void)weaklyAssociateValue:(id)value withKey:(const void *)key;
+ (id)associatedValueForKey:(const void *)key;
+ (void)removeAllAssociatedObjects;

NSNumber + CYHelper.h

// DO NOT USE THEM when you have perfomace problem.
// These method convert NSNumber to NSDecimalNumber to process the calculation.
// I provide these methods just for convenience.
// NSDecimal(C-level) is much faster than NSDecimalNumber, can be a better choice.
- (NSNumber *)addNumber:(NSNumber *)number;
- (NSNumber *)subNumber:(NSNumber *)number;
- (NSNumber *)mulNumber:(NSNumber *)number;
- (NSNumber *)divNumber:(NSNumber *)number;
- (NSNumber *)modNumber:(NSNumber *)number;

NSObject + CYNotification.h

- (void)postNotificationName:(NSString *)notificationName;
- (void)postNotificationName:(NSString *)notificationName userInfo:(NSDictionary *)userInfo;
- (void)observeNotificationName:(NSString *)notificationName selector:(SEL)selector;
- (void)unObserveNotificationName:(NSString *)notificationName;

NSObject + CYHelper.h

- (void)performBlock:(void (^)(void))block afterDelay:(NSTimeInterval)delay;

UIColor + CYHelper.h

+ (UIColor *)colorWithRGBHex:(UInt32)hex;
+ (UIColor *)colorWithRGBHex:(UInt32)hex alpha:(CGFloat)alpha;

UIView + CYHelper.h

@property (nonatomic) CGFloat x;
@property (nonatomic) CGFloat y;
@property (nonatomic) CGFloat width;
@property (nonatomic) CGFloat height;
@property (nonatomic) CGSize size;
@property (nonatomic) CGPoint origin;
@property (nonatomic) CGFloat bottom;
@property (nonatomic) CGFloat right;
@property (nonatomic) CGFloat centerX;
@property (nonatomic) CGFloat centerY;
- (void)removeAllSubviews;

NSArray + CYHelper.h

- (NSArray *)subarrayFromIndex:(NSUInteger)index;
- (NSArray *)subarrayToIndex:(NSUInteger)index;
- (NSArray *)map:(id (^)(id value))handlerBlock;
- (NSArray *)filter:(BOOL (^)(id value))handlerBlock;
- (NSArray *)reject:(BOOL (^)(id value))handlerBlock;
- (NSArray *)flattenArray;

NSSet + CYHelper.h

- (NSSet *)map:(id (^)(id value))handlerBlock;
- (NSSet *)filter:(BOOL (^)(id value))handlerBlock;
- (NSSet *)reject:(BOOL (^)(id value))handlerBlock;

NSDate + CYHelper.h

// example: dateFormat:@"yyyy-MM-dd 'at' HH:mm";
// formattedDateString: 2001-01-02 at 13:00
- (NSString *)stringWithDateFormat:(NSString *)dateFormat;
- (NSInteger)daysWithinEraToDate:(NSDate *)toDate;

NSDictionary + CYHelper.h

- (NSData *)jsonData;
- (NSString *)jsonString;

NSData + CYHelper.h

- (NSData *)MD5;
- (NSString *)MD5String;
- (NSDictionary *)jsonObject;

NSString + CYHelper.h

- (NSDictionary *)jsonObject;
- (NSString *)MD5String;
- (NSArray *)arrayWithWordTokenize;
- (NSString *)separatedStringWithSeparator:(NSString *)separator;


#define IOS7_OR_LATER	
#define IOS6_OR_LATER	
#define IOS5_OR_LATER	
#define IOS4_OR_LATER
#define IOS3_OR_LATER
#define IS_IPHONE
#define IS_IPAD

+ (NSString *)osVersion;
+ (NSString *)appVersion;

+ (NSString *)deviceModel;

+ (BOOL)isJailBroken;
+ (NSString *)jailBreaker;


#define AS_SINGLETON( __class )
#define DEF_SINGLETON( __class )


+ (void)printCallStackWithCount:(NSUInteger)count;

Contact Me

Special Thanks to

I refer to the following code. Thank them sparked my inspiration. Thank them for their contributions to the open source community.


CYHelper is available under the WTFPL license.

Copyright © 2012-2014 Lancy.