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Doxygen filter for GObject Builder 2 files


The doxygen filter parses *.gob files and produces C++ class definitions. The given class definitions are not valid C++ but can be parsed by Doxygen to generate a documentation as known from other projects.

GOB2 does work with the gtk-doc comment syntax very well. However, I do not like the syntax and the Gtk-Doc manual was very confusing to me. Furthermore, I already had started to document several GOB2 project in Doxygen style. A compliant Doxygen filter seemed to be less work though.


To compile gob-doc the following tools are required:

  • a lexical Analyzer flex
  • a C99 compliant compiler gcc
  • make

gob-doc consists of a single *.l file which is transformed by the lexer to C code and subsequently compiled by the C compiler.

The binary file can be put in any path and does not require any libraries than the default C libraries.


To use gob-doc, generate a new Doxygen file as usual and change the



INPUT_FILTER = gob-doc

Note: Do not adjust the OPTIMIZE_OUTPUT_FOR_* configuration parameters because gob-doc tries to generate C++ code which is natively parsed by Doxygen.


As of today, gob-doc only supports a small subset of the syntax from GOB2. However, so far it seems to be enough for valid Doxygen input.

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