Generate HTML summaries from your activity using the command line
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Generate HTML summaries from your activity using the command line


gpxrun myrun.gpx > myrun.html


The GPXRun tool parses the GPS Exchange Format and generates a single HTML from it. The site contains a map of the track, summary, and charts of the velocity and altitude at given time points.

While most GPS tracking devices come with some software to analyse your activity, these software often imports the data to some website (e.g. TomTom MySport, RunKeeper, etc). But I like my data to be controlled only by myself for which reason I implemented this tool to condense the information of my runs.


WARNING: GPXRun software is currently under heavy development and likely to change in the near future. Please use it on your own risk.

GPXRun is available on Github only. If you are interested, download the source code, compile, and run. The tool is implemented using C99 and should compile on all major platforms.

./gpxrun my_activity.gpx > my_activity.html

If you like to contribute, feel free to fork the repository. If you have a feature request or problems, please fill an issue on GitHub.


GPXRun is distributed under the GPL v3 or later. If you like it and want to thank me, please donate to the World Food Program.

See also

  • GpxRunParser can be used to also investigate the heart rate.