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A PDF presenter for GTK




ppgtk (short for "PDF Presenter for GTK") is a PDF presentation tool using GTK3. The tool is mainly inspired by the PDF Presenter Console.

ppgtk supports setups with more than one monitor. In such setup, the presentation is shown in full screen mode on one of the monitors and a presenter console is shown on a second.

The Poppler library is utilized to read PDF documents and to render the slides into the graphical user interface.


The following screenshot shows the main user interface - the console window:

ppgtk screenshot


ppgtk pre-requires GTK3 and Poppler libraries. You can install the libraries on Debian and Ubuntu easily:

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-0 libpoppler-glib8

... from source

To compile ppgtk from scratch, the corresponding header files are required:

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev libpoppler-glib-dev

Also the compiler tools are required:

sudo apt-get install gob2 gcc make

A makefile is provided, thus one can compile ppgtk easily:

make ppgtk

... prebuild

Currently, ppgtk is beta software and binary files are not released so far.


Most features were adopted to from PDF Presenter Console:

  • Console view display vs. full screen presenter display
  • Freeze presenter display while skimming through the slides in the console display
  • Blank presenter display (e.g. before starting the presentation or while changing the presentation)
  • Display the currently displayed slide and the number of slides in presenter view
  • Configure and display a countdown of the remaining time for the talk

Additional features:

  • Cycle the fullscreen display through the available monitors
  • Change presentation "on-the-fly", i.e. without restarting the whole application (as with pdf-presenter-console)


ppgtk is mainly developed and tested on Debian/GNU Linux Wheezy.

ppgtk is written using GOB2, a preprocessor that generates valid GObject C code. Afterwards, the C code is compiled as usual. If you want to hack on ppgtk, you should have a look on the GOB2 Manual.


Doxygen is used for code documentation. To generate the documentation, the gob-doc tool is required as Doxygen input filter.

Author, Bugs, and Contribution

ppgtk was written by Manuel Landesfeind and the code is hosted on Github.

Help in improving ppgtk is very welcome. If you have any suggestions on ppgtk or want to help, please issue a request on GitHub. Bugs should also be reported as an issue on Github.

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