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As of mid December 2019 the Landlab tutorials are no longer being maintained here. The content that is in this repository has been brought into the main landlab repository which allows the development team to better ensure that the tutorials will always run with Landlab.

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Most of these Landlab tutorials can either be read as text files or run as interactive IPython notebooks (recommended!).

To run the IPython notebook tutorials locally, you can copy this landlab/tutorials repo to your local working environment (use the download ZIP button or fork/clone, whichever is most familiar to you).

Alternatively, you can also access each notebook online from and download an individual notebook (navigate to the specific IPython notebook you want, open it, and click the download button that appears in the upper right).

After downloading/cloning, navigate into your new directory (or to the directory containing your new download) from the command line in your terminal.

Use the command $ jupyter notebook to launch Jupyter, the IPython notebook viewer (it will open locally in your browser). Then navigate to the .ipynb tutorial you want to run and click to open it.

To run the code in the notebook, place your cursor in a code cell, hold down shift, and press enter. The order in which you run the cells matters. You can even experiment with typing your own code into the cell and running that.

Here is a short IPython notebook tutorial along with a screencast (the tutorial uses an example with statistics, but you can substitute Landlab!):