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Add a useless memset (under CFG_TOYBOX_DEBUG) to shut up valgrind.

Valgrind complains that we add uninitalized memory to totals[] fields we never
read from. (If we didn't set it in entrylen() we don't use it during display,
they're testing the same flags), but valgrind doesn't understand that.
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landley committed Dec 12, 2015
1 parent aaecbba commit 047bcb8e7d37847b96dbf621ea22ff00e9541d32
Showing with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
  1. +1 −0 toys/posix/ls.c
@@ -299,6 +299,7 @@ static void listfiles(int dirfd, struct dirtree *indir)

memset(totals, 0, sizeof(totals));
if (CFG_TOYBOX_DEBUG) memset(len, 0, sizeof(len));

// Top level directory was already populated by main()
if (!indir->parent) {

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