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MailHog Example

This example exists primarily to test the following documentation:

Start up tests

Run the following commands to get up and running with this example.

# Should start up successfully
lando poweroff
lando start

Verification commands

Run the following commands to validate things are rolling as they should.

# Should have the mhsendmail binary
lando ssh -s php -c "ls -lsa /usr/local/bin | grep mhsendmail"

# Should have the MH_SENDMAIL_SMTP_ADDR set
lando ssh -s php -c "env | grep MH_SENDMAIL_SMTP_ADDR=sendmailhog:1025"

# Should be serving the admin interface on port 80
lando ssh -s php -c "curl mailhog | grep MailHog"

# Should have mailhog set as the meUser
lando ssh -s mailhog -c "id | grep mailhog"

# Should be able to collect messages sent from php
lando ssh -s php -c "php /app/mail.php"
lando ssh -s php -c "curl sendmailhog/api/v2/messages | grep"

Destroy tests

Run the following commands to trash this app like nothing ever happened.

# Should be destroyed with success
lando destroy -y
lando poweroff

Validation Commands

Run the following commands to confirm things

# Verify mailhog portforward
docker inspect mailhog_mailhog_1 | grep HostPort | grep 1026
lando info | grep 1026

# Verify the mhsendmail binary was installed
lando ssh appserver -c "ls -lsa /usr/local/bin | grep mhsendmail"

# Verify we can send and receive mail
lando php /app/mail.php
lando ssh -c "curl mailhog/api/v2/messages | grep"