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Ruby Example

This example provides a very basic Ruby web application.

See the .lando.yml in this directory for Ruby configuration options.

Launch ruby

Run the following steps to get up and running with this example.

# Start up this ruby app
lando start


Validate things!

# Verify we are serving the right thing
lando ssh appserver -c "curl localhost | grep TROUBLETROUBLETROUBLE"

# Verify we have the ruby cli
lando ruby -v

# Verify we have the right ruby version
lando ruby -v | grep 2.4.

# Verify we have bundler cli
lando bundler -v

# Verify we have the gem cli
lando gem -v

# Verify we have the travis cli
lando travis version

Helpful Commands

Here is a non-exhaustive list of commands that are relevant to this example.

# Run ruby cli
lando ruby -v

# Run bundler things
lando bundler

# Use travis gem
lando travis

Nuke everything

Run the following steps to clean things up

# Kill ruby
lando destroy -y