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Services Example

This example exists primarily to test the following documentation:

See the Landofiles in this directory for the exact magicks.

Start up tests

# Should start successfully and verify build steps run at more or less the right times
lando poweroff
lando start

Verification commands

Run the following commands to verify things work as expected

# Should have mounted overridden nginx volume
lando ssh -s nginx -c "cat /var/www/test.txt | grep MOUNTED"

# Should have injected overriden envvar into nginx
lando ssh -s nginx -c "env | grep THING=STUFF"

# Should have built appserver from a custom docker image
lando ssh -s appserver -c "env | grep CUSTOM=PIROG"

# Should be able to rebuild without pulling local image
lando rebuild -y

Destroy tests

# Should destroy successfully
lando destroy -y
lando poweroff

# Should remove custom image
docker rmi --force pirog/php:7.1-fpm-custom