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Tooling Example

This example exists primarily to test the following documentation:

See the Landofiles in this directory for the exact magicks.

Start up tests

# Should start successfully
lando poweroff
lando start

Verification commands

Run the following commands to verify things work as expected

# Should be able to run a few php commands
lando php -v
lando php -m
lando php -r "phpinfo();"

# Should run as the specified user
lando iamroot
lando ssh -s php -c "cat /whoami | grep root"

# Should run as meUser by default
lando whoami | grep www-data

# Should be able to run multiple commands on one service
lando test

# Should be able to define and pass down options to a script
lando word --word bird | grep "bird is the word"
lando word -w gird | grep "gird is the word"

# Should be able to run multiple commands on multiple services
lando env

# Should be able to choose the service to run the command on with an option
lando dynamic --service web
lando dynamic -s php
lando dynamic --service web2

# Should not run twice on failed commands
lando busted | grep "i-do-not-exist" | wc -l | grep 1

Destroy tests

# Should destroy successfully
lando destroy -y
lando poweroff