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Proxy Format Example

This example uses an apache and nginx webserver to demonstrate the proxy routing format.

See the .lando.yml in this directory for proxy configuration options.

Launch the app

Run the following steps to get up and running with this example.

# Start up the example
# This may take awhile unless you've first added
#   -
#   - frank.bob.joe
#   - tippecanoe.tyler.too
# To your `/etc/hosts`
# See:
# If you have not added these entries then you should expect to see them as "red"
# after you start this example
lando start

Validate it works as expected

# Test 1
lando ssh web -c "true"

Blow it up

# Destroy it
lando destroy -y

Helpful Commands

Here is a non-exhaustive list of commands that are relevant to this example.

# Curl the default proxy URLs
# -k is needed to ignore the self-signed cert warning
curl -k

# Curl some subdomains

# Curl custom domains
# These should fail unless you've added the domains to your /etc/hosts file
# See:
curl http://tippecanoe.tyler.too