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A GitHub Action for transferring issues between github repos with the ability to create a stub issue in the original repo.


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Transfer Issue GitHub Action

A GitHub Action for transferring issues between GitHub repos within the same organization when they are labeled in a certain way.

It also has the ability to do the following:

  • Create a stub issue in the original issue that is closed and locked. This allows for a better user experience when searching for issues in the old repo. The stub issue will look like the below but with details relevant to your issue.

    @lando this is a stub issue that has been created as a placeholder in this repo.
    Your original issue has been moved to [](
  • Apply labels to the transffered issue.


This action was designed particularly for the below event but may work for other issue related events as well. YMMV.

      - labeled


Input Description Required Default
token A GitHub Personal Access Token created with repo access yes -
router A label to repo routing in the form "LABEL:REPO" yes* -
apply_label A label to apply on the new issue in the format "LABEL:HEXCODE" yes* -
create_stub Create a stub issue with title and description in original repo no false
debug Enable debug output no false

Input Notes

  • The GITHUB_TOKEN secret provided by GitHub Actions will not work when transferring issues to another repo. You will get the error Resource not accessible by integration if you try and use it. Create a Personal Access Token with the repo check box and all its sub items checked.


Output Type Description
destination_repo String The name of the repo the issue was transferred to
new_issue_number String The number of the new issue
new_issue_url String The url of the new issue
stub_issue_number String The number of the created issue stub

Basic Example

When an issue in the repo which implements this action is tagged with holla it gets transferred to within the same organization to a repo called atcha.

- name: Transfer Issue & Create Stub
  uses: lando/transfer-issue-action@v2
    token: ${{ secrets.TRANSFER_ISSUE_TOKEN }}
    router: holla:atcha

Labels Example

Does the same as above but when the new issue is created it applies the Needs Triage label and also creates a stub in the source repo.

- name: Transfer Issue & Create Stub
  uses: lando/transfer-issue-action@v2
    token: ${{ secrets.TRANSFER_ISSUE_TOKEN }}
    router: holla:atcha
    apply_label: "Needs Triage:FF0000"
    create_stub: true

Advanced Example

In this example, we are forgoing a stub and instead adding a comment to the tranferred issue via Also note the use of strategy.matrix.router which allows us to route different labels to different repos.


      - holla:lando
      - things:cli


- name: Transfer Issue & Comment
  uses: lando/transfer-issue-action@v2
  id: transfer-issue
    token: ${{ secrets.TRANSFER_ISSUE_TOKEN }}
    router: ${{ matrix.router }}
- name: Update Transferred Issue
  uses: actions/github-script@v5
  if: steps.transfer-issue.outputs.new_issue_number != ''
    script: |
        issue_number: `${{ steps.transfer-issue.outputs.new_issue_number}}`,
        owner: context.repo.owner,
        repo: `${{ steps.transfer-issue.outputs.destinatiom_repo }}`,
        body: `@${ context.payload.issue.user.login } your issue is over here now!`


GraphQL Mutations for transferring a repo only allows you to tranfer repos within the same owner/org.


We try to log all changes big and small in both THE CHANGELOG and the release notes.


git clone && cd transfer-issue-action
npm install

If you dont' want to install Node 18+ for whatever reason you can install Lando and use that:

git clone && cd transfer-issue-action
# Install deps and get node
lando start

# Run commands
lando node
lando npm


# Lint the code
npm run lint

You can also open up a PR to test the action out.

Additionally you can manually create an issue in this repo and label it with either manual_issue_transfer_action_test or holla-tronic to test the action.

Note that in both the PR and manual testing scenarios we will:

  • Close the transferred issue and stubbed issue if applicable for cleanliness purposes. Therefore you will want to look in the closed issues for evidence of the transfer.
  • Transfer the issue to the same repo as the one generating it eg from lando/transfer-issue-action to lando/transfer-issue-action. You can see that the transfer has happened by inspecting the transferred issue and noting the lando-droid transferred this issue from lando/transfer-issue-action... entry.


Create a release and publish to GitHub Actions Marketplace. Note that the release tag must be a semantic version.



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