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Getting Started

When you first start the game, you'll find yourself in the tutorial. If you're not into figuring it out for yourself, here is a brief overview of the tutorial. The pillars you start in are a "respawn point" - there are a few in the world. Not many, but if you see one, you know what it's for.

About You

You, the adventurer, will start with a weapon and armor based on your chosen allegiance. Every weapon is unique in its properties, even if it isn't forthcoming about those differences. The same is true with armor.

You can wear up to 12 pieces of equipment, plus you may also have a potion equipped. You can wear:

  • One piece of armor and two robes, or 3 robes
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Two rings
  • Bracers
  • A sash
  • A helm
  • A necklace
  • An earring

The potion slot is used with the built-in Drink command. If you have a hand open and you attempt to drink, you'll use one ounce of the potion you have equipped.

You also have two hand slots - the left and right hand. Your right hand (the slot on the left side) is primarily used for interacting with NPCs, and equipping weapons. Your left hand is used for shields, some NPC interaction, and other items you may find on your travels.


NPCs come in 3 varieties:

The left-most, "green-tag" NPC is a friendly NPC. They often have quests, shops, or other interactable features. The middle, "grey-tag" NPC is a neutral NPC. They might attack you if you attack them, but won't initiate against you. The right-most, "red-tag" NPC is a hostile NPC. They will attack you if they're not busy attacking something else.

Clicking on an NPC with a green name tag will begin interacting with that NPC. If it's a shop, it'll open their shop for you. If it's a normal NPC, they'll begin talking with you. If you read their dialog carefully, you can ask them questions about what they're saying by telling them npcname, keyword. This is key to figuring out some quests.


Knowing the type of NPCs that exist, you can attack these types: grey-tag and red-tag NPCs. To attack them, you click their box in the top left (Character list). Your character will automatically continue attacking until it dies or you die, or you cancel (hit Escape). When a creature dies, it leaves behind a corpse, which is not immediately useful on its own. You have to use the search action to find the items the corpse has.

The Crier

If you walked south, you'll probably have run into the Crier NPC. He shouts about current events, things you should know, and tips to complete quests or kill creatures in the area. Always listen to what the Crier has to say!

The Shops

To the south, there is a town. The south-most building will let you buy potions, weapons, and armor. Here, you can get some simple upgrades and try out different styles of weapons. Most weapons are going to be similar, however there are some exceptions:

  • Halberds can attack from up to one tile away
  • Bows can attack anything on-screen
  • Some weapons (mostly daggers) can be thrown and will not be lost upon throwing


In the northwest building in Tutorial Town, there is a small boy named Billy. He has a lot of dialog options that can help you figure out what to do.

The Hermit

In the northwest of the Tutorial area, there is a Hermit NPC who can help you get out of the Tutorial. You'll see that he's holding a key and a skull. This is a common indicator for NPCs to tell you what they want, and what they'll give you. In this case, he wants the skull item he's holding, and he'll give you the key to the door in the north.

He also has some dialog options that you should follow so you can choose a class. In this game, you can choose from the Mage, Healer, Warrior, and Thief classes.

Now, the skull.


You might have heard the Crier NPC yell about the Yeti being the scourge of the town. Well, in the northeast, there is an island with a Yeti on it. Bring your weapon along, and go click the Yetis npc box to attack him. You should easily win. When you've killed him, hit the Search macro to search his corpse. You'll see that he dropped a skull. Drag that skull to your hand or sack to carry it along with you, then head back to the Hermit. You can hold the skull in your right hand and click on the Hermit to receive the key.


Now, you might have tried to click on the door in the north to exit. It would have told you that it's locked. To unlock it, simply hold the key in your right hand and click the door, and voila, you can leave!

Good luck on your journeys!