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What is this?

The script gets listing data from an Excel spreadsheet following the template shown on and creates a listing online on the specified platform.


  • Python installed
  • Chromedriver executable in the running directory
  • the login info and Google API key must be specified in a a file called private.slr, in the running directory

Uses the following modules.

 pip install base64
 pip install googlemaps 
 pip install pandas
 pip install phonenumbers
 pip install pyautogui
 pip install selenium
 pip install xlrd


  1. Download the listing spreadsheet to the running directory
  2. Download private.slr to the running directory
  3. Add any images to post in a directory called "images" in the running directory, naming them sequentially from 1 to X(number of photos.)
    The files need to be either .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png.
  4. Open your terminal
  5. Navigate to the directory containing the script and spreadsheet
  6. Run the script with:


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  • scrape listings from website. Other:
  • contact page
  • value formatting and validation
  • value type in payload
  • remove lxml (see next item)
  • consolidate with HTML scraper


Current version: 0.2.5\

  • remaining taks list is more user friendly
Older versions


  • faster (instant) description filling for tinyMCE v0.2.3
  • loops through photos in ./images/ and uploads them v0.2.2[HOTFIX]
  • waits for user to press enter after running the script to close the browser window
  • credentials obfuscated
  • fixed type in payload, leading to duplicate page/name entr v0.2
  • date and pets
  • multiple floorplans v0.1.8.5
  • refactor, split navigator and element manipulation.
  • assumes identifier type
  • location, rent, floorplans, specifics, amenities v0.1.8.5
  • rotates log files
  • console log level can be customized by passing an argument to the script (DEBUG, WARNING, INFO)
  • documentation and website
  • [HOTFIX] fixed duplicate logging and re-enabled implemented functionalities v0.1.8.3 Tweaks for first release v0.1.8.2 Scrapes multiple floorplans from the spreadsheet v0.1.8.1 Filling description/tinyMCE v0.1.8 Refactoring done v0.1.6 Finished preliminary scraping and posting. v0.1.5 Retrieving postal code Navigation progress v0.1.4 Excel slurping v0.1.3 Basic navigation Refactoring v0.1.2 Login v0.1.1 Basic static keyword detection and highlighting. v0.1 Basic info scraping and spreadheet output.


GK's toolkit. His will be done.



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