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A Minecraft username sniper that supports giftcards, written with Python.


  1. Download gcsniper-py via git clone
  2. Install dependencies via pip install -r requirements.txt.
  3. Run the program via python3 or py
  4. Enter the desired username.
  5. Enter the bearer token (See below on how to find it.)
  6. Enter a snipe delay (See below on how to use it.)

Finding Microsoft Bearer Token

First, you will need to create a Microsoft account if you have not done so already. Once created, visit and redeem the gift card you have. When prompted to create your profile, do not fill it out. Rather, exit the page. This will create a Microsoft account with the redeemed gift card, and thus, you can snipe onto it. If you create a profile, you will not be able to pre-name snipe.

  1. Login to the Microsoft account at
  2. Navigate to Developer Tools (Inspect Element)
  3. Find the bearer_token in the Storage tab. Storage Tab

Finding a snipe delay

Snipe-delay is the time (in ms) that the program will send a request before the name drops. If the name drops at 12:00:00.000, and you chose an offset of 1000, the sniper will send a request at 11:59:59.000 (one second before 12:00). Start with a delay off 100, and go from there. If you notice the requests are being received after drop-time, increase your delay. If they are being received before drop-time, decrease your delay. It is trial and error to find a good delay. Important factors to consider: Your machine's ping to the Minecraft API and the amount of other users who will be trying to snipe the username.

  1. Test Minecraft API Ping: curl -o /dev/null -s -w 'Total: %{time_total}s\n'


A Minecraft username sniper that supports giftcards, written with Python.