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Page offset alignment #1

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If the trampoline implementation isn't aligned to 16 bytes, things start to crash.


Admittedly I haven't swapped in my full memory of the subject, but IIRC my intention was to do this individually in the trampoline prefixes themselves:



To quote Robert Picardo, that may have been your intention, but it certainly wasn't the result. Or at least, it doesn't look like it was. All I know is that aligning the page offset stopped me from crashing hard on x86_64 any time a trampoline was called. Xcode 5.0.2, Mavericks SDK, both -O0 and -O2 same issue.

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@@ -177,8 +177,11 @@ main () {
local prefix_size=$(compute_asm_size)
+ # Align the prefix size to 16 bytes
+ local aligned_prefix_size=`perl -e "print ((${prefix_size} + 15) & ~15)"`
# Compute the size of the remaining code page.
- local page_avail=`expr $PAGE_SIZE - $prefix_size`
+ local page_avail=`expr $PAGE_SIZE - $aligned_prefix_size`
# Determine the trampoline size
@@ -191,7 +194,7 @@ main () {
# Compute the number of of available trampolines.
local trampoline_count=`expr $page_avail / $tramp_size`
- echo "Prefix size: ${prefix_size}"
+ echo "Prefix size: ${prefix_size} (${aligned_prefix_size})"
echo "Trampoline size: ${tramp_size}"
echo "Trampolines per page: ${trampoline_count}"
@@ -218,9 +221,10 @@ main () {
#include <PLBlockIMP/trampoline_table.h>
extern void *${PAGE_NAME};
+ extern pl_trampoline_table_config ${PAGE_NAME}_config;
pl_trampoline_table_config ${PAGE_NAME}_config = {
.trampoline_size = ${tramp_size},
- .page_offset = ${prefix_size},
+ .page_offset = ${aligned_prefix_size},
.trampoline_count = ${trampoline_count},
.template_page = &${PAGE_NAME}
@@ -228,4 +232,4 @@ EOF`
src "${config_src}"
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