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Fixture Factory - generator to create fake objects from a template

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Use it like a maven dependency on your project



Writing bean template rules

Fixture.of(Client.class).addTemplate("valid", new Rule(){{
	add("id", random(Long.class, range(1L, 200L)));
	add("name", random("Anderson Parra", "Arthur Hirata"));
	add("nickname", random("nerd", "geek"));
	add("email", "${nickname}");
	add("birthday", instant("18 years ago"));
	add("address", fixture(Address.class, "valid"));

Fixture.of(Address.class).addTemplate("valid", new Rule(){{
	add("id", random(Long.class, range(1L, 100L)));
	add("street", random("Paulista Avenue", "Ibirapuera Avenue"));
	add("city", "São Paulo");
	add("state", "${city}");
	add("country", "Brazil");
	add("zipCode", random("06608000", "17720000"));

Creating a new template based on another existing template. Using this you can override the definition for a property

Fixture.of(Address.class).addTemplate("valid-augusta").inherits("valid", new Rule(){{
	add("street", "Augusta Street");

Gimme one object from valid label

Client client = Fixture.from(Client.class).gimme("valid");

Gimme N objects from valid label

List<Client> clients = Fixture.from(Client.class).gimme(5, "valid");

More helpers functions for create generic template:

Relationship (one-to-one and one-to-many)

Fixture.of(Order.class).addTemplate("valid", new Rule(){{
	add("id", random(Long.class, range(1L, 200L)));
	add("items", has(3).of(Item.class, "valid"));
	add("payment", one(Payment.class, "valid"));

Fixture.of(Item.class).addTemplate("valid", new Rule(){{
	add("productId", random(Integer.class, range(1L, 200L)));

Fixture.of(Payment.class).addTemplate("valid", new Rule(){{
	add("id", random(Long.class, range(1L, 200L)));


Fixture.of(Any.class).addTemplate("valid", new Rule(){{
  add("id", regex("\\d{3,5}"));
  add("phoneNumber", regex("(\\d{2})-(\\d{4})-(\\d{4})"));


Fixture.of(Any.class).addTemplate("valid", new Rule(){{
	add("dueDate", beforeDate("2011-04-15", new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd")));
	add("payDate", afterDate("2011-04-15", new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd")));
	add("birthday", randomDate("2011-04-15", "2011-11-07", new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd")));
	add("cutDate", instant("now"));


Fixture.of(Any.class).addTemplate("valid", new Rule(){{
	add("firstName", firstName());
	add("lastName", lastName());

You can see more utilization on tests!


Want to contribute with code, documentation or bug report?

Do this by joining the mailing list on Google Groups.


Fixture-Factory was written by:

with contributions from several authors, including:


Fixture-Factory is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file included with the distribution for details.